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The city of College Springs, Iowa, had a population of 214 in the 2010 Census. The city’s population wouldn’t even be able to fill the space of a football field. However, back in the late 1890s, this small outpost in southwestern Iowa witnessed a pair of college football games between the now-defunct Amity College and the Missouri Tigers.

According to my research, College Springs is the smallest city to have ever hosted one of college football’s big five conference schools.

Listed below are all the cities – with populations of less than 1,500 in the 2010 Census – that have hosted a game involving a school from one of college football’s big five conferences.

What is the big five? The big five will be college football’s new upper echelon of schools in 2014. Every school that’ll be in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC will be a part of the big five, as will Notre Dame.

Listed with each city is the population of the county or metro area they are located within. This gives you a better idea of what the general population is around the city listed.


Smallest Cities That Have Ever Hosted a College Football Game Involving a Big Five School

  City Pop.   Season Date Big Five School Opponent Result
1 College Springs, IA 214 1897 2-Nov Missouri Amity College (IA) W 8-4
Page County 15,932 1899 24-Oct Missouri Amity College (IA) W 18-0
2 Collegeville, IN 330 1938 15-Oct Louisville Saint Joseph’s (IN) L 2-0
Jasper County 33,478 1940 12-Oct Louisville Saint Joseph’s (IN) L 24-6
    1947 1-Nov Louisville Saint Joseph’s (IN) T 7-7
3 Glasco, KS 498 1897 23-Oct Kansas Glasco AA (KS) W 22-0
Cloud County 9,533          
4 Fort Monroe, VA 696 1896 7-Nov North Carolina Hampton AC (VA) L 18-0
Va. Beach Metro Area 1,676,822 1896 14-Nov Virginia Hampton AC (VA) T 6-6
  City Pop. Season Date Big Five School Opponent Result
5 Naco, AZ 1,046 1902 27-Nov Arizona Fort Huachuca (AZ) W 34-0
Sierra Vista Metro 131,346          
6 Marlboro, VT 1,078 1894 2-Nov Boston College Marlboro AC (VT) W 16-0
Windham County 44,513 1895 23-Nov Boston College Marlboro AC (VT) W 14-0
7 Panora, IA 1,124 1899 16-Sep Iowa St. Panora AC (IA) W 23-0
Des Moines Metro 569,633          
8 Washington, KS 1,131 1901 1-Dec Kansas St. Washington HS (KS) T 6-6
Washington County 5,799          
9 Emory, VA 1,251 1893 21-Oct Virginia Tech Emory & Henry (VA) L 6-0
Kingsport Metro 309,544 1921 22-Oct Duke Emory & Henry (VA) W 7-0
    1934 3-Nov Wake Forest Emory & Henry (VA) L 13-0
  City Pop. Season Date Big Five School Opponent Result
10 Pierce City, MO 1,292 1902 10-Nov Arkansas Pierce City College (MO) L 24-2
Lawrence County 38,634          
11 Culver, IN 1,353 1909 30-Oct Michigan St. Culver Mil. Acad. (IN) W 29-0
Marshall County 47,051          
12 Hampden Sydney, VA 1,360 1897 15-Nov Virginia Tech Hampden-Sydney (VA) W 10-0
Prince Edward County 23,368 1921 24-Nov Wake Forest Hampden-Sydney (VA) L 39-14
13 Tombstone, AZ 1,380 1905 21-Oct Arizona Tombstone (AZ) W 17-0
Sierra Vista Metro 131,346          
14 Chapman, KS 1,393 1898 28-Oct Kansas St. Chapman HS (KS) T 0-0
Dickinson County 19,754          
15 Charlotte Hall, MD 1,420 1900 29-Nov Maryland Char. Hall Mil. Acad. (MD) W 21-0
Washington Metro 5,636,232          
16 Meridian, TX 1,493 1916 30-Sep Texas Christian Meridian College (TX) W 7-0
Bosque County 18,212          


Sources: College Football Data Warehouse, Hog Database


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