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The Pittsburgh Steelers’ game in London this regular season, will mark the sixth different foreign country the team has played a game in. The Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers have also played in a league-high six different foreign countries.


Check out the table below to see the number of different foreign countries that your favorite NFL team has played games in.

The Number of Different Foreign Countries Each NFL Team Has Played Games In

Note: The tally includes exhibition and regular season games through the 2013 season.

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Franchise# of Foreign Countries Played InList of Countries
Arizona Cardinals4 countriesCanada, England, Japan, Mexico
Atlanta Falcons2 countriesCanada, Japan
Baltimore Ravens0 countries
Buffalo Bills3 countriesCanada, England, Germany
Carolina Panthers0 countries
Chicago Bears5 countriesCanada, England, Germany, Ireland, Sweden
Cincinnati Bengals0 countries
Cleveland Browns2 countriesCanada, England
Dallas Cowboys4 countriesCanada, England, Japan, Mexico
Denver Broncos6 countriesAustralia, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain
Detroit Lions2 countriesCanada, England
Green Bay Packers2 countriesCanada, Japan
Houston Texans0 countries
Indianapolis Colts3 countriesCanada, Japan, Mexico
Jacksonville Jaguars1 countryEngland
Kansas City Chiefs3 countriesGermany, Japan, Mexico
Miami Dolphins5 countriesCanada, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico
Minnesota Vikings4 countriesEngland, Germany, Japan, Sweden
New England Patriots3 countriesCanada, England, Mexico
New Orleans Saints3 countriesEngland, Japan, Mexico
New York Giants3 countriesCanada, England, Germany
New York Jets2 countriesCanada, Japan
Oakland Raiders4 countriesEngland, Japan, Mexico, Spain
Philadelphia Eagles3 countriesEngland, Japan, Mexico
Pittsburgh Steelers6 countriesCanada, England, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Spain
San Diego Chargers4 countriesAustralia, England, Germany, Japan
San Francisco 49ers6 countriesCanada, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain
Seattle Seahawks2 countriesCanada, Japan
St. Louis Rams3 countriesEngland, Germany, Japan
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2 countriesEngland, Japan
Tennessee Titans2 countriesJapan, Mexico
Washington Redskins3 countriesCanada, England, Japan


Additional Info

  • England and Japan have both hosted 21 different teams; the most by any foreign country.

Most NFL (AAFC & AFL) Teams a Foreign County Has Hosted

Rk Country # of Teams Hosted
1 Japan 21
2 United Kingdom 21
3 Canada 18
4 Mexico 13
5 Germany 10
6 Spain 4
7t Australia 2
7t Ireland 2
7t Sweden 2
10 Cuba¹ 1


¹ On January 1st, 1923, the Oorang Indians had a game scheduled with a Cuban All-Star team in Havana, Cuba. I’m still researching the game, but to this date I haven’t found any evidence that it actually occurred. Mary Gross, of the Marion County (OH) Historical Society, kindly took some time out of her day and researched the game. She didn’t find any evidence of the game either.


Source: Games locations were retrieved from team media guides, and The Pro Football Archives.


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  1. Still only the 1 game played in the Southern Hemisphere, that being the 1999 game in Australia between the Chargers and the Broncos.

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