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The last time the Detroit Lions won a game in Washington was… well never. The Lions’ last road victory against the Redskins occurred in Boston way back in 1935. This Sunday the Lions will look to end what is the NFL’s oldest road losing streak against a single opponent.

The NFL’s Oldest Active Road Losing Streaks Against a Single Opponent

Note: The list doesn’t count games played at neutral locations (i.e. Super Bowls).

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FranchiseatLast Road WinSeasonsLosses Since
Detroit LionsWashington (BOS) Redskins193578 seasons21 games
Arizona (CHI/STL) CardinalsGreen Bay Packers194964 seasons9 games
Detroit LionsPittsburgh Steelers195558 seasons8 games ¹
Minnesota VikingsIndianapolis (BAL) Colts1961 (Never)53 seasons11 games
Pittsburgh SteelersPhiladelphia Eagles196548 seasons8 games
Arizona (STL) CardinalsPittsburgh Steelers196944 seasons2 games
Cleveland BrownsChicago Bears196944 seasons3 games
Arizona (STL) CardinalsDenver Broncos1970 (Never)44 seasons4 games
Arizona (STL) CardinalsKansas City Chiefs1970 (Never)44 seasons4 games ²
Atlanta FalconsPittsburgh Steelers1970 (Never)44 seasons6 games ³
Buffalo BillsChicago Bears1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games
Chicago BearsNew England Patriots1970 (Never)44 seasons3 games
Cincinnati BengalsArizona (STL) Cardinals1970 (Never)44 seasons3 games
Cincinnati BengalsMinnesota Vikings1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games
Cincinnati BengalsNew York Giants1970 (Never)44 seasons3 games
Denver BroncosGreen Bay Packers1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games ⁴
Detroit LionsSan Diego Chargers1970 (Never)44 seasons4 games
Green Bay PackersBuffalo Bills1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games
Kansas City ChiefsNew York Giants1970 (Never)44 seasons6 games
Minnesota VikingsNew York Jets1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games
New York GiantsCincinnati Bengals1970 (Never)44 seasons6 games
New York JetsPhiladelphia Eagles1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games
Philadelphia EaglesCincinnati Bengals1970 (Never)44 seasons3 games ⁵
Washington RedskinsKansas City Chiefs1970 (Never)44 seasons4 games
Washington RedskinsMiami Dolphins1970 (Never)44 seasons5 games
Green Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers197043 seasons4 games
San Diego ChargersChicago Bears197043 seasons4 games
Arizona (STL) CardinalsBuffalo Bills197142 seasons3 games
Kansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers197142 seasons4 games
Chicago BearsCleveland Browns197241 seasons4 games
Buffalo BillsAtlanta Falcons197340 seasons4 games
Cincinnati BengalsSan Francisco 49ers197439 seasons5 games
Green Bay PackersIndianapolis (BAL) Colts197439 seasons5 games ⁶
Minnesota VikingsKansas City Chiefs197439 seasons4 games
Philadelphia EaglesSan Diego Chargers197439 seasons5 games
Arizona (STL) CardinalsNew York Jets197538 seasons4 games
Cincinnati BengalsDenver Broncos197538 seasons9 games
Detroit LionsSan Francisco 49ers197538 seasons12 games
Kansas City ChiefsDallas Cowboys197538 seasons4 games
St. Louis (LA) RamsSan Diego Chargers197538 seasons2 games
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuffalo Bills1976 (Never)38 seasons1 game
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNew York Jets1976 (Never)38 seasons7 games
Tampa Bay BuccaneersPittsburgh Steelers1976 (Never)38 seasons3 games
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee Titans1976 (Never)38 seasons7 games
Minnesota VikingsMiami Dolphins197637 seasons3 games
St. Louis (LA) RamsMiami Dolphins197637 seasons5 games
Arizona (STL) CardinalsMinnesota Vikings197736 seasons8 games
Buffalo BillsDetroit Lions197934 seasons2 games

¹ The Detroit Lions tied the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road 10-10 in 1959.

² The St. Louis (Arizona) Cardinals tied the Kansas City Chiefs on the road 6-6 in 1970.

³ The Atlanta Falcons tied the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road 34-34 in 2002.

⁴ The Denver Broncos tied the Green Bay Packers on the road 17-17 in 1987.

⁵ The Philadelphia Eagles tied the Cincinnati Bengals on the road 13-13 in 2008.

⁶ The Green Bay Packers tied the Baltimore (Indianapolis Colts) on the road 20-20 in 1982.


The following teams have never won a road game at the listed opponent, however they did beat that team on the road at a neutral location in the Super Bowl.

Franchise Never Won at Super Bowl Victory Over Them Location
Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins Super Bowl XVII (17): 27-17 Pasadena, CA
Chicago Bears New England Patriots Super Bowl XX (20): 46-10 New Orleans, LA
Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXII (32): 31-24 San Diego, CA
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XXXVII (37): 48-21 San Diego, CA


Additional Info

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t get their first road victory over the St. Louis Rams (founded in 1937) until 2007; a total of 71 seasons. Keep in mind that the Steelers did beat the Los Angeles Rams 31-19 in Super Bowl XIV (14), in what was essentially a home game for the Rams in Pasadena, California.
  • The Steelers also didn’t get their first road win against the Chicago Bears until 1995; a total of 63 seasons. In return, the Chicago Bears didn’t win a road game vs. the Steelers from 1940-1988; a total of 49 seasons.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles, a franchise founded in 1933, didn’t get their first road win against the Chicago Bears until 1999; a total of 67 seasons.




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  1. Hi Andrew, there are 2 that you can delete from the above list, Tampa Bay won in Oakland for the first time last season and the Jets won at the Rams last season too.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Mark. I recycled this list from last year. I thought those games were deleted from the database, but I must have missed the save button. Thanks for your diligence.

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