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List of Super Bowl Sites

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Season SB Won Lost Score City State Metro Area Stadium
19661GBYKCY35-10Los AngelesCALos AngelesL.A. Coliseum
19672GBYOAK33-14MiamiFLMiamiOrange Bowl
19683NYJBAC16-7MiamiFLMiamiOrange Bowl
19694KCYMIN23-7New OrleansLANew OrleansTulane Stadium
19705BACDAL16-13MiamiFLMiamiOrange Bowl
19716DALMIA24-3New OrleansLANew OrleansTulane Stadium
19727MIAWAS14-7Los AngelesCALos AngelesL.A. Coliseum
19738MIAMIN24-7HoustonTXHoustonRice Stadium
19749PITMIN16-6New OrleansLANew OrleansTulane Stadium
197510PITDAL21-17MiamiFLMiamiOrange Bowl
197611OAKMIN32-14PasadenaCALos AngelesRose Bowl
197712DALDEN27-10New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
197813PITDAL35-31MiamiFLMiamiOrange Bowl
197914PITLAM31-19PasadenaCALos AngelesRose Bowl
198015OAKPHI27-10New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
198217WASMIA27-17PasadenaCALos AngelesRose Bowl
198318LAIWAS38-9TampaFLTampaTampa Stadium
198419SFOMIA38-16StanfordCASan FranciscoStanford Stadium
198520CHINWE46-10New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
198621NYGDEN39-20PasadenaCALos AngelesRose Bowl
198722WASDEN42-10San DiegoCASan DiegoQualcomm Stadium
198823SFOCIN20-16Miami GardensFLMiamiSun Life Stadium
198924SFODEN55-10New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
199025NYGBUF20-19TampaFLTampaTampa Stadium
199227DALBUF52-17PasadenaCALos AngelesRose Bowl
199328DALBUF30-13AtlantaGAAtlantaGeorgia Dome
199429SFOSDO49-26Miami GardensFLMiamiSun Life Stadium
199530DALPIT27-17TempeAZPhoenixSun Devil Stadium
199631GBYNWE35-21New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
199732DENGBY31-24San DiegoCASan DiegoQualcomm Stadium
199833DENATL34-19Miami GardensFLMiamiSun Life Stadium
199934STLTEN23-16AtlantaGAAtlantaGeorgia Dome
200035BALNYG34-7TampaFLTampaRaymond James Stadium
200136NWESTL20-17New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
200237TBYOAK48-21San DiegoCASan DiegoQualcomm Stadium
200338NWECAR32-29HoustonTXHoustonReliant Stadium
200439NWEPHI24-21JacksonvilleFLJacksonvilleEverBank Field
200540PITSEA21-10DetroitMIDetroitFord Field
200641INDCHI29-17Miami GardensFLMiamiSun Life Stadium
200742NYGNWE17-14GlendaleAZPhoenixUniversity of Phoenix Stadium
200843PITARZ27-23TampaFLTampaRaymond James Stadium
200944NORIND31-17Miami GardensFLMiamiSun Life Stadium
201045GBYPIT31-25ArlingtonTXDallasCowboys Stadium
201146NYGNWE21-17IndianapolisINIndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium
201247BALSFO34-31New OrleansLANew OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
201348???East RutherfordNJNew YorkMetLife Stadium
201449???GlendaleAZPhoenixUniversity of Phoenix Stadium
201550???Santa ClaraCASan JoseLevi's Stadium
201651???HoustonTXHoustonReliant Stadium

Super Bowl Hosting Records

By Stadium

There have been 23 different stadiums that have or will have hosted a Super Bowl through the 2016 season.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA, has hosted seven Super Bowls; no other stadium has hosted as many Super Bowls. Followed by the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL, Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL, and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA; all of those stadiums have hosted five Super Bowls.

By Municipality

There have been 20 different municipalities that have or will have hosted a Super Bowl through the 2016 season.

The city of New Orleans, LA, hosted their tenth Super Bowl last season; the record for a municipality. Followed by Miami, FL, Miami Gardens, FL, and Pasadena, CA; all of them have hosted the Super Bowl five times.

By Metro Area

There have been 16 different metro areas that have or will have hosted a Super Bowl through the 2016 season.

The Miami and New Orleans metro areas have each hosted a record ten Super Bowls. Los Angeles’ seven Super Bowls is second best; although they haven’t hosted a Super Bowl since the 1992 season.

By State

There have been ten different states that have or will have hosted a Super Bowl through the 2016 season.

The state of Florida has hosted 15 Super Bowls; the record for a state. Followed by California (12 by 2015) and Louisiana (11).  No other state has hosted the Super Bowl more than three times; although the state of Texas will have hosted four Super Bowls by the 2016 season.

By Geography

Easternmost Super Bowl: Super Bowl 2, 3, 5, 10, & 13 - all at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL – were the easternmost Super Bowls until this season; an honor that will now go to Super Bowl 48 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

Westernmost Super Bowl: Super Bowl 19 played at Stanford Stadium in Stanford, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area was the westernmost Super Bowl.

Northernmost Super Bowl: Super Bowl 26 played at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN, was the northernmost Super Bowl.

Southernmost Super Bowl: Super Bowl 2, 3, 5, 10, & 13 – all at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL - were the southernmost Super Bowls.


Super Bowl Map and Midpoint

The geographic midpoint for all Super Bowl sites through the 2016 season, lies between Longview and Marshall, TX; a few miles northwest of Hallsville, TX.

Just counting the Super Bowls through this year, the midpoint moves east into Louisiana; just a few miles south of Shreveport.

I found the geographic midpoint of Super Bowls with the Geographic Midpoint Calculator. I was able to save my map on their website, and it can be viewed here; the “M” marker indicates the midpoint through 2016.  For a map of Super Bowl sites just through the 2013 season click here.


Additional Facts

  • From the 1966 season to 2004, a cold weather city only hosted the Super Bowl twice. By 2013, a cold weather city will have hosted the Super Bowl three times in nine years.
  • The Super Bowl has been hosted by the same state in back-to-back seasons on three occasions. Super Bowl 2 and 3 both in Miami, FL, Super Bowl 21-22 (Pasadena & San Diego, CA), and Super Bowl 43-44 (Tampa & Miami Gardens, FL).
  • The Orange Bowl, Tampa Stadium, and Tulane Stadium are all venues that no longer exist but can claim they hosted the Super Bowl.  You could arguably add the Stanford Stadium to that list as well.
  • All of the Colts’ Super Bowl appearances (four) occurred in the Miami, FL metro area; it’s the most Super Bowl appearances a franchise has made at a specific metro location.
  • Three of the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl appearances (SB 5, 10, 13) occurred at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL; all losses.  The New England Patriots have made three Super Bowl appearances (SB 20, 31, 36) at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA.


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