Aug 292012

There was a report yesterday that the city of Seattle is interested in hosting a Super Bowl. It’s not the first time that The Emerald City has expressed interest in hosting the game.

In fact when the Kingdome was still standing, the city of Seattle made six formal Super Bowl bids but was never awarded the game. It’s the most bids a city has submitted without ever getting the game.

Seattle’s Super Bowl bids:

Super Bowl XIII (13) or XIV (14) | Super Bowl XV (15) or XVI (16) or XVII (17)

Super Bowl XIX (19) or XX (20) | Super Bowl XXI (21) or XXII (22)

Super Bowl XXIII (23) or XXIV (24) | Super Bowl XXVI (26)


After Minneapolis was awarded Super Bowl 26, the city of Seattle gave up on its Super Bowl dreams. Seattle pushed hard for that Super Bowl reportedly spending $200,000 dollars on their bid. Going back to 1977, the city had spent $500,000 dollars trying to land the game.

After losing their bid to host Super Bowl 26, Bills Sears of the Seattle Super Bowl Host Committee said. “My attitude is that it’s like being engaged for 12 years, and then you’re jilted.”

It seems that Seattle has put that engagement ring back on. However, despite NY/NJ getting Super Bowl 48, I still think landing a Super Bowl is an uphill challenge for northern cities.

Regardless, if Seattle does land the Super Bowl, I think Pearl Jam should play the halftime show and the NFL should dub it the “Raincoat Super Bowl”.

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