Sep 092012

The Pro-Football-Reference Play Index is the most powerful set of pro football research tools on the internet. Every week while watching the games, I’ll constantly refer to the PFR Play Index for specific historical information related to what has occurred on the field.

Every week I’ll take a specific statistic, and using the PFR’s Play Index, I’ll break down the historical significance of it.

This week’s interesting statistic:

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Cleveland Browns on the road 17-16, despite Michael Vick throwing four interceptions. The question for the PFR PI:

When was the last time a team won despite their QB throwing four or more interceptions?

It turns out that it has happened somewhat recently. In 2010, the Chicago Bears won on the road 23-6 over the Carolina Panthers, despite four interceptions by Todd Collins.

For the complete list the PFR PI compiled on this topic click here.

Some additional facts the PFR PI dug up…

  • The last time the Eagles won despite their QB throwing four or more interceptions, was way back in 1969. The Eagles’ Norm Snead threw four interceptions, but the Eagles beat the Giants 23-20 at Yankee Stadium.
  • The last time a team won in Week 1 despite four or more interceptions from their QB, was in 1980. The Buffalo Bills overcame Joe Fergusons’ five interceptions, and defeated the Miami Dolphins 17-7 at home.
  • Since 1960, there have been 14 games in which a QB has thrown five or more interceptions, while also winning the game. Blanda is responsible for three of those games. Bart Starr, Dan Fouts, John Elway, and Johnny Unitas are the other Hall of Fame QBs that have pulled off the feat. The last time it has occurred was in 2007, when Tony Romo threw five interceptions against the Bills, in a 25-24 victory for the Dallas Cowboys.

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