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It’s hard to imagine now, but during the NFL’s early years it wasn’t all that uncommon for a league team to be defeated by a non-league opponent.

The Green Bay Packers were the NFL’s last team to fall victim to a non-league opponent not from another major pro league. In 1963, the College All-Stars defeated the Packers 20-17 in the Chicago College All-Star Game. It was the Packers’ first exhibition loss since the 1959 preseason.

In 1961, the AFL’s Buffalo Bills lost 38-21 to the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats, making the Bills the last major pro team to have lost to a team from a non-major professional football league.

Listed below are all of the games in which a team from a major professional football league (NFL, AAFC, AFL) lost to a non-league opponent not from another major pro league (NFL vs. AFL exhibitions not listed).

NFL, AAFC, & AFL Teams That Lost to Non-League Opponents

RS = Regular season game. With exception to the marked games in 1920, all of the games listed below were exhibitions.

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SeasonDateNon-League WinnerLeague LoserScoreMarginLocation
192010/17/1920RSFort Wayne (IN) Friarsvs.Columbus Panhandles (NFL)14-014 pointsFort Wayne, IN
192011/14/1920RSAll-Tonawanda (NY)atRochester Jeffersons (NFL)6-06 pointsRochester, NY
192011/14/1920RSGary (IN) Elksvs.Hammond Pros (NFL)7-61 pointGary, IN
192011/25/1920RSAll-Tonawanda (NY)atRochester Jeffersons (NFL)14-311 pointsRochester, NY
192011/25/1920RSChicago (IL) Boostersvs.Hammond Pros (NFL)27-027 pointsChicago, IL
192011/28/1920Youngstown (OH) Patriciansvs.Columbus Panhandles (NFL)2-02 pointsYoungstown, OH
192012/11/1920RSUnion A.A. (Phoenixville, PA)nCanton Bulldogs (NFL)13-76 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192110/23/1921Bridgeport (CT) Prosvs.New York Brickley Giants (NFL)7-07 pointsBridgeport, CT
192110/23/1921Camp Knox (KY) ArtilleryatLouisville Brecks (NFL)19-019 pointsLouisville, KY
192110/23/1921Holmesburg (MD) A.C.atWashington Senators (NFL)10-010 pointsWashington, DC
192111/11/1921Duluth (MN) Knights of Columbusvs.Minneapolis Marines (NFL)14-014 pointsDuluth, MN
192111/11/1921Richmond (VA) A.C.vs.Washington Senators (NFL)7-07 pointsRichmond, VA
192111/20/1921Camp Knox (KY) ArtilleryatLouisville Brecks (NFL)13-013 pointsLouisville, KY
192111/24/1921Gary (IN) Elksvs.Hammond Pros (NFL)7-07 pointsGary, IN
192112/4/1921Olson's All-Stars (IA)nMinneapolis Marines (NFL)10-010 pointsSioux City, IA
192112/10/1921Baltimore (MD) Prosvs.Washington Senators (NFL)10-37 pointsBaltimore, MD
192112/17/1921Philadelphia (PA) Quakersvs.Canton Bulldogs (NFL)34-034 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192112/17/1921Richmond (VA) A.C.vs.Washington Senators (NFL)41-041 pointsRichmond, VA
192112/26/1921Chicago (IL) Morris Supremesvs.Hammond Pros (NFL)42-042 pointsChicago, IL
19229/24/1922Duluth (MN) Kelleysvs.Green Bay Packers (NFL)6-24 pointsDuluth, MN
192210/8/1922Owensboro (KY) Puncture ProofsatLouisville Brecks (NFL)7-07 pointsLouisville, KY
192211/19/1922Gary (IN) Elksvs.Hammond Pros (NFL)9-63 pointsGary, IN
192211/25/1922Frankford (Phil., PA) Yellow Jacketsvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)20-713 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192212/2/1922Frankford (Phil., PA) Yellow Jacketsvs.Akron Pros (NFL)6-33 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192212/2/1922Lansing (MI) Durantsvs.Oorang Indians (NFL)29-029 pointsLansing, MI
192212/9/1922Baltimore (MD) Prosvs.Oorang Indians (NFL)7-07 pointsBaltimore, MD
192212/16/1922Frankford (Phil., PA) Yellow Jacketsvs.Toledo Maroons (NFL)12-012 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192310/28/1923Dayton (OH) KoorsatLouisville Brecks (NFL)9-09 pointsLouisville, KY
192311/17/1923Frankford (Phil., PA) Yellow Jacketsvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)33-033 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192311/18/1923Wilkes-Barre (PA) Panthersvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)10-37 pointsLarksville, PA
192312/1/1923Frankford (Phil., PA) Yellow Jacketsvs.Akron Pros (NFL)10-010 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192312/2/1923Benld (IL) Independentsvs.St. Louis All-Stars (NFL)9-72 pointsBenld, IL
192312/8/1923Frankford (Phil., PA) Yellow Jacketsvs.Buffalo All-Americans (NFL)10-64 pointsPhiladelphia, PA
192410/12/1924Ironton (OH) Tanksvs.Louisville Brecks (NFL)41-041 pointsIronton, OH
192410/26/1924Indianapolis (IN) Ferndalesvs.Louisville Brecks (NFL)21-021 pointsIndianapolis, IN
192411/9/1924Providence (RI) Steam Rollervs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)3-03 pointsProvidence, RI
192411/16/1924Providence (RI) Steam Rollervs.Minneapolis Marines (NFL)49-049 pointsProvidence, RI
192411/30/1924Providence (RI) Steam Rollervs.Dayton Triangles (NFL)10-73 pointsProvidence, RI
19259/20/1925Toronto (OH) Tigersvs.Cleveland Bulldogs (NFL)6-06 pointsToronto, OH
192510/4/1925Toronto (OH) Tigersvs.Hammond Pros (NFL)7-07 pointsToronto, OH
192510/18/1925Toronto (OH) Tigersvs.Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)13-76 pointsToronto, OH
192510/18/1925Waterbury (CT) Bluesvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)7-61 pointWaterbury, CT
192511/3/1925Orange (NJ) Gold. Tornadoesvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)21-021 pointsEast Orange, NJ
192511/8/1925Hartford (CT) Bluesvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)8-62 pointsHartford, CT
192511/29/1925Atlantic City (NJ) Blue Tornadoesvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)7-61 pointAtlantic City, NJ
192512/6/1925Atlantic City (NJ) Blue Tornadoesvs.Rochester Jeffersons (NFL)6-06 pointsAtlantic City, NJ
192512/10/1925Pittsburgh (PA) All-Starsvs.Chicago Bears (NFL)24-024 pointsPittsburgh, PA
192512/13/1925Brownsville (PA) Independentsvs.Canton Bulldogs (NFL)6-06 pointsWest Brownsville, PA
19251/1/1926Tim Callahan's All-StarsnNew York Giants (NFL)13-310 pointsWest Palm Beach, FL
19251/16/1926Tim Callahan's All-StarsnNew York Giants (NFL)14-131 pointCoral Gables, FL
19251/24/1926San Francisco (CA) Tigersvs.Chicago Bears (NFL)14-95 pointsSan Francisco, CA
192610/31/1926Ashland (KY) Armco Yellowjacketsvs.Columbus Tigers (NFL)20-020 pointsAshland, KY
192611/14/1926Cleveland (OH) Bulldogsvs.Columbus Tigers (NFL)6-06 pointsCleveland, OH
192612/20/1926Hominy (OK) Indiansvs.Buffalo Rangers (NFL)6-06 pointsPawhuska, OK
192612/25/1926Hollywood (CA) Generals (PCFL)vs.Duluth Eskimos (NFL)6-33 pointsLos Angeles, CA
192612/26/1926California All-Starsvs.Duluth Eskimos (NFL)9-72 pointsEmeryville, CA
19261/23/1927Wilson's WildcatsnLos Angeles Buccaneers (NFL)17-017 pointsSan Francisco, CA
19261/30/1927New York Yankees (AFL '26)atLos Angeles Bulldogs (NFL)14-014 pointsLos Angeles, CA
19279/18/1927Hammond (IN) BoostersatChicago Cardinals (NFL)6-06 pointsChicago, IL
192711/27/1927Staten Island (NY) Stapletonsvs.Duluth Eskimos (NFL)7-61 pointNew York, NY
192712/26/1927Hominy (OK) Indiansvs.New York Giants (NFL)13-67 pointsPawhuska, OK
19271/1/1928Wilson's WildcatsnNew York Yankees (NFL)6-06 pointsSan Francisco, CA
19271/8/1928Wilson's WildcatsnNew York Yankees (NFL)7-07 pointsLos Angeles, CA
19289/30/1928Chicago (IL) MillsatChicago Cardinals (NFL)7-61 pointChicago, IL
19289/30/1928Staten Island (NY) Stapletonsvs.Dayton Triangles (NFL)7-34 pointsNew York, NY
192810/21/1928Canton (OH) Rogers Jewelersvs.Pottsville Maroons (NFL)18-612 pointsCanton, OH
192811/18/1928Cincinnati (OH) National Guardsvs.Dayton Triangles (NFL)13-013 pointsCincinnati, OH
192811/25/1928Middletown (OH) Armco Bluesvs.Dayton Triangles (NFL)9-09 pointsMiddletown, OH
192811/29/1928Staten Island (NY) Stapletonsvs.New York Giants (NFL)7-07 pointsNew York, NY
192812/2/1928Staten Island (NY) Stapletonsvs.Pottsville Maroons (NFL)15-69 pointsNew York, NY
19299/22/1929Canton (OH) Bulldogsvs.Chicago Cardinals (NFL)6-06 pointsCanton, OH
192912/15/1929Memphis (TN) Tigersvs.Green Bay Packers (NFL)16-610 pointsMemphis, TN
192912/22/1929Memphis (TN) Tigersvs.Chicago Bears (NFL)16-610 pointsMemphis, TN
193010/15/1930Ironton (OH) TanksatPortsmouth Spartans (NFL)16-151 pointPortsmouth, OH
193010/19/1930Memphis (TN) Tigersvs.Portsmouth Spartans (NFL)20-614 pointsMemphis, TN
193011/11/1930Ironton (OH) TanksnNew York Giants (NFL)13-121 pointCincinnati, OH
193011/23/1930Ironton (OH) TanksnChicago Bears (NFL)26-1313 pointsCincinnati, OH
193110/25/1931Pere Marquette (Boston, MA)vs.Cleveland Indians (NFL)21-714 pointsBoston, MA
19329/25/1932Providence (RI) Steam Rollervs.Boston Braves (NFL)9-63 pointsProvidence, RI
19321/22/1933Nevers' All-StarsnGreen Bay Packers (NFL)13-67 pointsSan Francisco, CA
193310/8/1933Staten Island (NY) Stapletonsvs.Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)7-07 pointsNew York, NY
193311/15/1933St. Louis (MO) Gunnersvs.Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)21-219 pointsSt. Louis, MO
193311/30/1933Providence (RI) Huskiesvs.Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)7-07 pointsSpringfield, MA
19349/9/1934Pinckert's PanthersnBoston Redskins (NFL)7-61 pointSomerville, MA
19349/16/1934Louisville (KY) Bourbons (AFL '34)vs.Cincinnati Reds (NFL)9-72 pointsLouisville, KY
193410/31/1934St. Louis (MO) Blues (AFL '34)vs.Cincinnati Reds (NFL)35-728 pointsSt. Louis, MO
19342/3/1935Pacific Coast All-StarsnNew York Giants (NFL)9-09 pointsPortland, OR
19369/7/1936Texas Centennial All-Starsvs.Chicago Bears (NFL)7-61 pointDallas, TX
193611/15/1936Los Angeles (CA) Bulldogsvs.Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)10-73 pointsLos Angeles, CA
193611/21/1936Los Angeles (CA) Bulldogsvs.Pittsburgh Pirates (NFL)28-721 pointsLos Angeles, CA
193612/13/1936Los Angeles (CA) Bulldogsvs.Chicago Cardinals (NFL)13-103 pointsLos Angeles, CA
19379/1/1937College All-StarsnGreen Bay Packers (NFL)6-06 pointsChicago, IL
19379/6/1937Pan American (TX) All-Americansvs.Chicago Bears (NFL)6-06 pointsDallas, TX
19388/31/1938College All-StarsnWashington Redskins (NFL)28-1612 pointsChicago, IL
19389/1/1938Danbury (CT) Trojans (AA)vs.Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)13-013 pointsDanbury, CT
19389/5/1938'38 College All-StarsnWashington Redskins (NFL)13-76 pointsDallas, TX
19389/25/1938Cincinnati (OH) Bengalsvs.Chicago Bears (NFL)17-134 pointsCincinnati, OH
193810/11/1938Cincinnati (OH) Bengalsvs.Pittsburgh Pirates (NFL)27-027 pointsCincinnati, OH
193811/11/1938Los Angeles (CA) BulldogsnPittsburgh Pirates (NFL)17-611 pointsColorado Springs, CO
193811/20/1938Los Angeles (CA) Bulldogsvs.Cleveland Rams (NFL)28-721 pointsLos Angeles, CA
19409/4/1940Eastern College All-StarsatNew York Giants (NFL)16-79 pointsNew York, NY
194010/30/1940Wilmington (DE) Clippers (AA)vs.Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)16-142 pointsWilmington, DE
19429/6/1942Western Army All-StarsnChicago Cardinals (NFL)16-106 pointsDenver, CO
19429/9/1942Western Army All-StarsatDetroit Lions (NFL)12-012 pointsDetroit, MI
19429/12/1942Eastern Army All-StarsatNew York Giants (NFL)16-016 pointsNew York, NY
19429/16/1942Eastern Army All-StarsnBrooklyn Dodgers (NFL)13-76 pointsBaltimore, MD
19438/24/1943College All-StarsnWashington Redskins (NFL)27-720 pointsEvanston, IL
19449/10/1944Fort Warren (WY) Broncosvs.Brooklyn Tigers (NFL)21-201 pointCheyenne, WY
19468/23/1946College All-StarsnLos Angeles Rams (NFL)16-016 pointsChicago, IL
19478/22/1947College All-StarsnChicago Bears (NFL)16-016 pointsChicago, IL
19499/1/1949Eastern College All-StarsatNew York Giants (NFL)28-1315 pointsNew York, NY
194912/17/1949AAFC All-StarsnCleveland Browns (AAFC)12-75 pointsHouston, TX
19508/11/1950College All-StarsnPhiladelphia Eagles (NFL)17-710 pointsChicago, IL
19558/12/1955College All-StarsnCleveland Browns (NFL)30-273 pointsChicago, IL
19588/15/1958College All-StarsnDetroit Lions (NFL)35-1916 pointsChicago, IL
19618/8/1961Hamilton (ON) Tiger-Cats (CFL)vs.Buffalo Bills (AFL)38-2117 pointsHamilton, ON
19638/2/1963College All-StarsnGreen Bay Packers (NFL)20-173 pointsChicago, IL


¹ There is a claim that the Hominy Indians defeated the NFL champion New York Giants in 1927. I’ve yet to find a newspaper article  (from 1927) that states this game was against the actual New York Giants. However, I’ll need more information before I can dismiss this game.


Additional Info

  • The now defunct Rochester Jeffersons lost a record 11 games to non-league opponents. The Chicago Bears and New York Giants have each lost a confirmed eight games to non-NFL/AFL teams.
  • Before they joined the NFL in 1924, the Frankford Yellow Jackets defeated NFL opponents six times. It’s the most games a non-league team (w/o an all-star roster) won against NFL opponents. Followed by the Los Angeles Bulldogs (five wins) and the Staten Island Stapletons (five wins).
  • On seven occasions non-league teams won three games in the same season against NFL opponents. Accomplished by: Frankford Yellow Jackets (1922 & 1923), Ironton Tanks (1930), Los Angeles Bulldogs (1936), Providence Steam Roller (1924), Staten Island Stapletons (1928), and the Toronto Tigers (1925).


Sources: The Pro Football Archives, and


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