Sep 102013

The New York Giants had a perfect 4-0 record at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. The Giants no longer have an undefeated record in Arlington, but their success at the Cowboys’ “new” home brought up an interesting question…

What is the record for most wins without a loss at an opponent’s stadium?

The answer is 10 wins. Prior to 1981, the Los Angeles Rams had an unblemished all-time record of 10-0 at Candlestick Park – home to the San Francisco 49ers. 

Note: Postseason games were counted. That’s why you don’t see the Minnesota Vikings’ 6-0 regular-season record at Texas Stadium (1974-2000) listed; they lost two playoff games in Irving (1977, 1996).

Most Wins Without a Loss at an Opponent’s Stadium

Team Wins w/o a Loss From To Stadium Home To
Los Angeles Rams 10 wins (10-0) 1971 1980 Candlestick Park San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers 8 wins (8-0) 1926 1944 Tiger Stadium Detroit Panthers & Det. Lions
New York Giants 8 wins (8-0) 1926 1936 Ebbets Field Brooklyn Lions & Bkn Dodgers
Green Bay Packers 7 wins (7-0) 1961 1967 Metropolitan Stadium Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins 7 wins (7-0) 1973 1979 Ralph Wilson Stadium Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns 6 wins (6-0) 1950 1955 Comiskey Park Chicago Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams 6 wins (6-0) 1966 1971 ATL-Fulton Co. Stadium Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 wins (6-0) 1974 1992 Arrowhead Stadium Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles 6 wins (6-0) 1976 1981 Giants Stadium New York Giants
Atlanta Falcons ¹ 6 wins (6-0) 1973 2012 Qualcomm Stadium San Diego Chargers


Source: Game results retrieved from ¹ Also a special thanks to Mark Growcott for pointing out an additional streak and for a correction.


  3 Responses to “NFL: Most Wins Without a Loss at an Opponent’s Stadium”

  1. Andrew a couple of things, you have Buffalo at 7-0 at Rich Stadium between 1973-79. This should read Miami.

    Also what about the Vikings winning their first 6 Regular Season games at Texas Stadium (1974-2000)?

    Looks like you are also including Playoff games here though there is no mention of that in your intro.


  2. Another one – Atlanta is 6-0 (1973-2012) at Qualcomm Stadium against SD

  3. Thanks for the additional streak (Atlanta at Qualcomm) and for pointing out my typo/brain fart on Miami’s streak at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

    Admittedly, I rushed to publish this and it’s obvious with the error and omissions.

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