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The National Football League has been managed from a New York City office building for the last 53 seasons. The league has found NYC to be the ideal location for their business, however, that wasn’t always the case.

For years the league’s headquarters were located by the then commissioner’s/league president’s home. That’s why Columbus and Dayton were once the home to the most powerful office in the NFL.

NFL League Office Locations

Seasons City State Address Commissioner(s)
1920 Canton ¹ OH ? Jim Thorpe (President)
1921-1922 Columbus ² OH 1285 East Long St. (Carr’s home) Joseph Carr (President)
1923-1926 Columbus ² OH 39 N. 22nd St. (Carr’s home) Joseph Carr (President)
1927-1938 Columbus OH 16 East Broad St. Joseph Carr (President)
1939-1940 Dayton OH Winters Bank Building (Main St.) Carl Storck (President)
1941-1945 Chicago IL 310 South Michigan Ave. Elmer Layden
1946 Philadelphia PA 37th St. and Woodland Ave. Bert Bell
1947-1956 Philadelphia PA 1518 Walnut St. Bert Bell
1957-1959 Bala Cynwyd PA 1 Bala Ave. Bert Bell
1960-1967 New York NY 1 Rockefeller Plaza Pete Rozelle
1968-1996 New York NY 410 Park Ave. Pete Rozelle / Paul Tagliabue
1997-2010 New York NY 280 Park Ave. Paul Tagliabue / Roger Goodell
2011 –  New York NY 345 Park Ave. Roger Goodell


¹ – The league’s first president was Jim Thorpe; at the same time he was also playing football for the league’s Canton Bulldogs. I’m not sure if Thorpe even had a business office in 1920. If he did it was probably located in Canton, OH. Further research is needed for a definitive answer.

² – From 1921-1926, Joseph Carr managed the league’s business from his house, according to this WBNS-TV article.


American Football League’s headquarters (1960-1969) – The AFL’s first league office was located at the Southland Center building in Dallas, TX, from 1960 to 1962.

In 1963, the AFL moved their headquarters to 609 Fifth Avenue in New York City. That’s the same year the league lost the battle for Dallas in the pro football wars, as the Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs.

With the AFL-NFL merger in place, the two leagues moved into a two-floor NYC office space at 410 Park Avenue in 1968.


All-America Football Conference’s headquarters (1946-1949) – The AAFC was headquartered in New York City’s most famous skyscraper, the Empire State Building in suite 7704.


Additional Info

  • The Nutmeg Football League – In the mid-1990s the NFL wanted to move their league office into a larger space. The league reportedly explored real estate options in the following locations: Stamford, CT, Westchester County, NY, and Cherry Hill, NJ.
  • That’s what Bell said, but… - In his first month (January 1946) as NFL commissioner, Bert Bell said he would move the league’s office to New York City within at least six weeks. It’s a move that the NFL’s owners wanted, but its a move that Bell never carried out.


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