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Listed below are each NFL franchise’s worst start to a season.

Each Franchise’s Worst Start to a Season

Note: Only winless/untied records were used to determine a franchise’s worst start to a season.

The (city/nickname) in the parenthesis was the franchise’s city/nickname during their worst start.

Click here for a list of each NFL franchise’s best start to a season.

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FranchiseWorst StartWhenReg. Season
Arizona (Chicago) Cardinals0-1019430-10
Arizona Cardinals (Card-Pitt)0-1019440-10
Atlanta Falcons0-919663-11
Baltimore Ravens0-219998-8
Baltimore Ravens0-220027-9
Baltimore Ravens0-220056-10
Buffalo Bills0-1119842-14
Carolina Panthers0-719984-12
Chicago Bears0-719691-13
Chicago Bears0-719974-12
Cincinnati Bengals0-1019933-13
Cleveland Browns0-919753-11
Dallas Cowboys0-1019600-11-1
Denver Broncos0-419642-11-1
Denver Broncos0-419947-9
Denver Broncos0-419996-10
Detroit Lions0-1620080-16
Green Bay Packers0-619864-12
Houston Texans0-620052-14
Indianapolis Colts0-1319863-13
Indianapolis Colts0-1320112-14
Jacksonville Jaguars0-419954-12
Jacksonville Jaguars0-420035-11
Kansas City Chiefs0-519772-12
Kansas City Chiefs0-520094-12
Miami Dolphins0-1320071-15
Minnesota Vikings0-519622-11-1
New England Patriots0-919922-14
New Orleans Saints0-1419801-15
New York Giants0-919763-11
New York Jets0-819961-15
Oakland Raiders0-1319621-13
Philadelphia Eagles0-1119682-12
Pittsburgh Steelers0-719411-9-1
Pittsburgh Steelers (Card-Pitt)0-1019440-10
San Diego Chargers0-1119752-12
San Diego Chargers0-1120001-15
San Francisco 49ers0-719792-14
Seattle Seahawks0-519762-12
St. Louis Rams0-820073-13
Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-1419760-14
Tennessee Titans (Hou. Oilers)0-1019832-14
Tennessee Titans (Hou. Oilers)0-1019843-13
Washington Redskins0-919611-12-1


How the Worst Start Ended

FranchiseWorst StartWhenFirst Win/TiedOpp W-L-TScore
Arizona (Chicago) Cardinals0-101943Never Won or Tied a Game--
Arizona Cardinals (Card-Pitt)0-101944Never Won or Tied a Game--
Atlanta Falcons0-91966atNew York Giants1-7-1W 27-16
Baltimore Ravens0-21999Cleveland Browns0-2W 17-10
Baltimore Ravens0-22002Denver Broncos3-0W 34-23
Baltimore Ravens0-22005New York Jets1-2W 13-3
Buffalo Bills0-111984Dallas Cowboys7-4W 14-3
Carolina Panthers0-71998New Orleans Saints4-3W 31-17
Chicago Bears0-71969Pittsburgh Steelers1-6W 38-7
Chicago Bears0-71997atMiami Dolphins5-2W 36-33
Cincinnati Bengals0-101993Oakland (Los Angeles) Raiders6-4W 16-10
Cleveland Browns0-91975Cincinnati Bengals8-1W 35-23
Dallas Cowboys0-101960atNew York Giants5-3-1T 31-31
Denver Broncos0-41964Kansas City Chiefs2-1W 33-27
Denver Broncos0-41994atSeattle Seahawks3-2W 16-9
Denver Broncos0-41999atOakland Raiders2-2W 16-13
Detroit Lions0-162008atNever Won or Tied a Game--
Green Bay Packers0-61986atCleveland Browns4-2W 17-14
Houston Texans0-62005Cleveland Browns2-4W 19-16
Indianapolis Colts0-131986atAtlanta Falcons6-6-1W 28-23
Indianapolis Colts0-132011Tennessee Titans7-6W 27-13
Jacksonville Jaguars0-41995atTennessee Titans (Hou. Oilers)2-2W 17-16
Jacksonville Jaguars0-42003San Diego Chargers0-4W 27-21
Kansas City Chiefs0-51977atSan Diego Chargers3-2W 21-16
Kansas City Chiefs0-52009atWashington Redskins2-3W 14-6
Miami Dolphins0-132007Baltimore Ravens4-9W 22-16
Minnesota Vikings0-51962atSt. Louis (Los Angeles) Rams0-5W 38-14
New England Patriots0-91992atIndianapolis Colts4-5W 37-34
New Orleans Saints0-141980atNew York Jets3-11W 21-20
New York Giants0-91976Washington Redskins6-3W 12-9
New York Jets0-81996atArizona Cardinals3-4W 31-21
Oakland Raiders0-131962New England (Boston) Patriots9-3-1W 20-0
Philadelphia Eagles0-111968atDetroit Lions3-6-2W 12-0
Pittsburgh Steelers0-71941atPhiladelphia Eagles2-5T 7-7
Pittsburgh Steelers (Card-Pitt)0-101944Never Won or Tied a Game--
San Diego Chargers0-111975atKansas City Chiefs5-6W 28-20
San Diego Chargers0-112000Kansas City Chiefs5-6W 17-16
San Francisco 49ers0-71979Atlanta Falcons3-4W 20-15
Seattle Seahawks0-51976atTampa Bay Buccaneers0-5W 13-10
St. Louis Rams0-82007atNew Orleans Saints4-4W 37-29
Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-141976Never Won or Tied a Game--
Tennessee Titans (Hou. Oilers)0-101983Detroit Lions5-5W 27-17
Tennessee Titans (Hou. Oilers)0-101984atKansas City Chiefs5-5W 17-16
Washington Redskins0-91961atDallas Cowboys4-5T 28-28


Additional Info

  • No team has ever posted their franchise’s worst ever start and a winning record in the same season.
  • The Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers) are the only franchise to post their worst ever start in back to back seasons (1983 and 1984).
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers (1941: 0-7 | 1978: 7-0), San Diego Chargers (1962: 11-0 | 1975 & 2000: 0-11), and Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers (2008: 10-0 | 1983 & 1084: 0-11), have polar opposite best/worst ever season starts.
  • The Denver Broncos followed their best ever start, 13-0 in 1998, with their franchise’s worst ever start the next season, 0-4 in 1999; first season without John Elway.

Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com

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