Jul 222013

Only a handful of cities host NFL games nowadays, but in the past the league’s teams played all over the map.

To best show the league’s geography (current and past), I’ve created a Google Map that pinpoints the exact location of every stadium that has hosted at least one NFL, AAFC, or AFL game; including exhibitions vs. league and non-league opponents.

The map is broken down into three layers. The first layer (brown circles) shows the location of every current NFL stadium. The second layer (yellow circles) shows the location of all the former stadiums that were once the home to at least one league team.

Lastly, the third layer displays the location of every neutral-site game ever played; also includes games at non-league venues. That layer has three markers: grey star (Super Bowl locations), dark blue diamond (neutral-site/non-league venue regular season game locations), and light blue diamond (neutral-site/non-league venue exhibition game locations).

Unless noted otherwise, the locations are exact down to the street level – including the venues that have since been demolished.

Note: I would’ve embedded the map into this post, but it didn’t load correctly. There are still some kinks and a lack of features in Google’s new mapping program Maps Engine Lite. Hopefully those will be resolved in the near future, and I can load the map into this post.

Below is a screenshot of the map. Be sure to click on the image to be taken to the fully-featured map.

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