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Which stadium has hosted the most NFL games? How many different states have witnessed a NFL playoff game? Is Green Bay the smallest city to ever host a NFL game?

The answers for those questions and many more can be found in this reference post.

Listed below are all the locations that have hosted an official NFL, AFL, or AAFC league game – broken down by state, metro area, city, and stadium.

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Population: The location’s population in the 2010 Census. Note: Oregon (3,421,399 / 27th) is the most populated state to have never been the host to an official major pro football game. International populations were retrieved from Wikipedia (London region, Mexico City, and Ontario).

Games: The total number of regular season and postseason games the location has hosted.

–Playoff games: The total number of playoff games the location has hosted; including Super Bowls.

Seasons: The number of seasons in which the location hosted at least one league game.

–When: The season(s) when the location hosted games.


Major Professional Football Game Locations – By State

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header. You can quickly find a specific state using the search box to the right.

State /
Playoff Games
Alabama4,779,7361 game0 games1 season1968
Arizona6,392,017205 games5 games25 seasons1988-2012
California37,253,9561749 games91 games67 seasons1946-2012
Colorado5,029,196421 games17 games54 seasons1939, 1960-2012
Connecticut3,574,09722 games0 games5 seasons1920, 1925-25, 1973-74
District of Columbia601,723426 games14 games61 seasons1921, 1937-96
Florida18,801,310844 games47 games48 seasons1946, 1966-2012
Georgia9,687,653370 games9 games47 seasons1966-2012
Illinois12,830,632964 games21 games93 seasons1920-2012
Indiana6,483,802253 games11 games33 seasons1920-21, 1923, 1926, 1984-2012
Kentucky4,339,3673 games0 games3 seasons1921-23
London region, U.K.8,173,1946 games0 games6 seasons2007-12
Louisiana4,533,372367 games18 games47 seasons1938, 1967-2012
Maryland5,773,552516 games14 games52 seasons1947-50, 1953-83, 1996-2012
Massachusetts6,547,629481 games18 games65 seasons1925, 1929, 1932-36, 1944-48, 1960-2012
Mexico8,851,0801 game0 games1 season2005
Michigan9,883,640600 games8 games85 seasons1920-21, 1925-28, 1934-2012
Minnesota5,303,925442 games21 games62 seasons1920-26, 1929-30, 1959, 1961-2012
Missouri5,988,927746 games12 games57 seasons1923-24, 1926, 1934, 1960-2012
New Jersey8,791,894552 games16 games39 seasons1929-30, 1976-2012
New York19,378,1021224 games27 games93 seasons1920-2012
North Carolina9,535,483139 games3 games17 seasons1996-2012
Ohio11,536,5041042 games28 games88 seasons1920-27, 1930-34, 1937-42, 1944-2012
Ontario, Canada12,851,8215 games0 games5 seasons2008-12
Pennsylvania12,702,3791264 games48 games89 seasons1920, 1924-31, 1933-2012
Rhode Island1,052,56758 games0 games7 seasons1925-31
South Carolina4,625,3648 games0 games1 season1995
Tennessee6,346,105132 games4 games16 seasons1997-2012
Texas25,145,561830 games39 games54 seasons1952, 1960-2012
Virginia8,001,0241 game0 games1 season1920
Washington6,724,540300 games9 games37 seasons1976-2012
West Virginia1,852,9941 game0 games1 season1938
Wisconsin5,686,986699 games20 games92 seasons1921-2012


Major Professional Football Game Locations – By Metro Area

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header. You can quickly find a specific metro area using the search box to the right.

Metro AreaState(s) /
Playoff Games
AkronOH703,20026 games0 games10 seasons1920-26, 1941-42, 1952
AtlantaGA5,286,728370 games9 games47 seasons1966-2012
BaltimoreMD2,710,489386 games12 games52 seasons1947-50, 1953-83, 1996-2012
Baton RougeLA802,4844 games0 games1 season2005
BirminghamAL1,128,0471 game0 games1 season1968
BostonMA-NH4,552,402481 games18 games65 seasons1925, 1929, 1932-36, 1944-48, 1960-2012
BuffaloNY1,135,509500 games13 games71 seasons1920-27, 1929, 1938, 1940, 1942-43, 1946-49, 1958, 1960-2012
CantonOH404,42233 games0 games7 seasons1920-26
ChampaignIL231,8919 games0 games2 seasons1920, 2002
CharlestonWV227,0781 game0 games1 season1938
CharlotteNC-SC2,217,012139 games3 games17 seasons1996-2012
ChicagoIL-IN-WI9,461,105920 games21 games92 seasons1920-2001, 2003-12
CincinnatiOH-KY-IN2,114,580362 games8 games48 seasons1931, 1933-34, 1968-2012
ClevelandOH2,077,240547 games20 games79 seasons1920-25, 1927, 1931, 1937-42, 1944-1995, 1999-2012
Colorado SpringsCO645,6131 game0 games1 season1939
ColumbusOH1,901,97413 games0 games6 seasons1920-24, 1926
DallasTX6,426,214454 games28 games54 seasons1952, 1960-2012
DavenportIA-IL379,69033 games0 games6 seasons1920-25
DaytonOH799,23223 games0 games8 seasons1920-24, 1926-27, 1933
DecaturIL110,7684 games0 games2 seasons1920-21
DenverCO2,543,482420 games17 games53 seasons1960-2012
DetroitMI4,296,250600 games8 games85 seasons1920-21, 1925-28, 1934-2012
DuluthMN-WI279,7719 games0 games4 seasons1923-26
EriePA280,5661 game0 games1 season1938
EvansvilleIN-KY311,5524 games0 games1 season1921
Fort WayneIN416,2572 games0 games1 season1920
GalesburgIL52,9191 game0 games1 season1920
Green BayWI306,241481 games18 games92 seasons1921-2012
GreenvilleSC824,1128 games0 games1 season1995
HartfordCT1,212,3819 games0 games2 seasons1925-26
HoustonTX5,920,416373 games11 games48 seasons1960-96, 2002-12
IndianapolisIN1,887,877243 games11 games29 seasons1984-2012
JacksonvilleFL1,345,596148 games4 games18 seasons1995-2012
JohnstownPA143,6791 game0 games1 season1936
Kansas CityMO-KS2,009,342393 games7 games52 seasons1924, 1926, 1963-2012
LondonEngland8,173,1946 games0 games6 seasons2007-12
Los AngelesCA12,828,837501 games26 games49 seasons1946-1994
LouisvilleKY-IN1,235,7083 games0 games3 seasons1921-23
MadisonWI605,4351 game0 games1 season1929
MarionOH66,5011 game0 games1 season1922
MemphisTN-MS-AR1,324,8298 games0 games1 season1997
Mexico CityMexico8,851,0801 game0 games1 season2005
MiamiFL5,564,635396 games32 games48 seasons1946, 1966-2012
MilwaukeeWI1,555,908195 games2 games67 seasons1922-26, 1933-94
MinneapolisWI-MN3,348,859433 games21 games60 seasons1920-24, 1929-30, 1959, 1961-2012
MuncieIN117,6711 game0 games1 season1921
NashvilleTN1,670,890124 games4 games15 seasons1998-2012
New HavenCT862,47713 games0 games3 seasons1920, 1973-74
New OrleansLA1,189,866363 games18 games46 seasons1938, 1967-2004, 2006-12
New YorkNY-NJ-PA19,567,4101258 games30 games90 seasons1920-21, 1925-2012
PhiladelphiaPA-NJ-DE-MD5,965,343654 games19 games89 seasons1920, 1924-31, 1933-2012
PhoenixAZ4,192,887205 games5 games25 seasons1988-2012
PittsburghPA2,356,285576 games29 games80 seasons1933-2012
PortsmouthOH79,49926 games0 games5 seasons1930-34
PottsvillePA148,28932 games0 games5 seasons1925-29
ProvidenceRI-MA1,600,85258 games0 games7 seasons1925-31
RacineWI195,40821 games0 games4 seasons1922-24, 1926
RichmondVA1,208,1011 game0 games1 season1920
RochesterNY1,079,67118 games0 games5 seasons1920-24
RockfordIL349,4311 game0 games1 season1920
San AntonioTX2,142,5083 games0 games1 season2005
San DiegoCA3,095,313411 games17 games52 seasons1961-2012
San FranciscoCA4,335,391835 games47 games67 seasons1946-2012
San JoseCA1,836,9112 games1 game2 seasons1984, 1989
SeattleWA3,439,809300 games9 games37 seasons1976-2012
St. LouisMO-IL2,787,701353 games5 games48 seasons1923, 1934, 1960-87, 1995-2012
SyracuseNY662,5771 game0 games1 season1927
TampaFL2,783,243300 games11 games38 seasons1969, 1976-2012
ToledoOH610,0018 games0 games2 seasons1922-23
TorontoON5,583,0645 games0 games5 seasons2008-12
WashingtonDC-VA-MD-WV5,636,232556 games16 games77 seasons1921, 1937-2012
ZanesvilleOH86,0742 games0 games1 season1920


Major Professional Football Game Locations – By City

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header. You can quickly find a specific city using the search box to the right.

CityState /
Playoff Games
AkronOH199,11026 games0 games10 seasons1920-26, 1941-42, 1952
AnaheimCA336,265118 games2 games15 seasons1980-94
ArlingtonTX365,43834 games2 games4 seasons2009-2012
AtlantaGA420,003370 games9 games47 seasons1966-2012
BaltimoreMD620,961386 games12 games52 seasons1947-50, 1953-83, 1996-2012
Baton RougeLA229,4934 games0 games1 season2005
BerkeleyCA112,5801 game0 games1 season1973
BirminghamAL212,2371 game0 games1 season1968
BloomingtonMN82,893162 games10 games22 seasons1959, 1961-81
BostonMA617,594128 games0 games22 seasons1925, 1929, 1932-36, 1944-48, 1960-68, 1970
BuffaloNY261,310183 games3 games31 seasons1920-27, 1929, 1938, 1940, 1942-43, 1946-49, 1958, 1960-72
CantonOH73,00733 games0 games7 seasons1920-26
ChampaignIL81,0559 games0 games2 seasons1920, 2002
CharlestonWV51,4001 game0 games1 season1938
CharlotteNC731,424139 games3 games17 seasons1996-2012
Chestnut HillMA22,49110 games0 games4 seasons1963-64, 1967, 1969
ChicagoIL2,695,598915 games21 games92 seasons1920-2001, 2003-12
CincinnatiOH296,943362 games8 games48 seasons1931, 1933-34, 1968-2012
ClemsonSC13,9058 games0 games1 season1995
ClevelandOH396,815544 games20 games79 seasons1920-25, 1927, 1931, 1937-42, 1944-1995, 1999-2012
Colorado SpringsCO416,4271 game0 games1 season1939
ColumbusOH787,03313 games0 games6 seasons1920-24, 1926
DallasTX1,197,816107 games4 games13 seasons1952, 1960-71
DaytonOH141,52723 games0 games8 seasons1920-24, 1926-27, 1933
DecaturIL76,1224 games0 games2 seasons1920-21
DenverCO600,158420 games17 games53 seasons1960-2012
DetroitMI713,777388 games5 games58 seasons1920-21, 1925-28, 1934-74, 2002-12
DuluthMN86,2659 games0 games4 seasons1923-26
East ClevelandOH17,8432 games0 games1 season1938
East HartfordCT51,2528 games0 games1 season1926
East OrangeNJ64,2705 games0 games1 season1929
East RutherfordNJ8,913541 games16 games37 seasons1976-2012
EriePA101,7861 game0 games1 season1938
EvanstonIL74,4861 game0 games1 season1970
EvansvilleIN117,4294 games0 games1 season1921
Fort WayneIN253,6912 games0 games1 season1920
FoxboroughMA16,865343 games18 games42 seasons1971-2012
GaryIN80,2942 games0 games2 seasons1920, 1926
GlendaleAZ226,72160 games4 games7 seasons2006-2012
Green BayWI104,057481 games18 games92 seasons1921-2012
HamdenCT60,9601 game0 games1 season1920
HammondIN80,8301 game0 games1 season1923
HartfordCT124,7751 game0 games1 season1925
HoustonTX2,099,451373 games11 games48 seasons1960-96, 2002-12
IndianapolisIN829,718243 games11 games29 seasons1984-2012
IrvingTX216,290313 games22 games38 seasons1971-2008
JacksonvilleFL821,784148 games4 games18 seasons1995-2012
JohnstownPA20,9781 game0 games1 season1936
Kansas CityMO459,787393 games7 games52 seasons1924, 1926, 1963-2012
KenoshaWI99,2181 game0 games1 season1924
LandoverMD23,078130 games2 games16 seasons1997-2012
LondonEngland8,173,1946 games0 games6 seasons2007-2012
LorainOH64,0971 game0 games1 season1920
Los AngelesCA3,792,621378 games19 games47 seasons1946-79, 1982-94
LouisvilleKY602,0113 games0 games3 seasons1921-23
MadisonWI233,2091 game0 games1 season1929
MarionOH36,8371 game0 games1 season1922
MemphisTN646,8898 games0 games1 season1997
Mexico CityMexico8,851,0801 game0 games1 season2005
Miami GardensFL107,167219 games13 games26 seasons1987-2012
MiamiFL399,457177 games19 games22 seasons1946, 1966-1986
MilwaukeeWI594,833153 games1 game49 seasons1922-26, 1933, 1952-94
MinersvillePA4,39731 games0 games5 seasons1925-29
MinneapolisMN382,578271 games11 games39 seasons1920-24, 1929-30, 1969, 1982-2012
MonmouthIL9,4441 game0 games1 season1920
MuncieIN70,0851 game0 games1 season1921
NashvilleTN601,222124 games4 games15 seasons1998-2012
New HavenCT129,77912 games0 games2 seasons1973-74
New OrleansLA343,829363 games18 games46 seasons1938, 1967-2004, 2006-12
New YorkNY8,175,133706 games14 games61 seasons1920-21, 1925-83
NewarkNJ277,1406 games0 games1 season1930
OaklandCA390,724304 games17 games38 seasons1962-1981, 1995-2012
Orchard ParkNY29,054317 games10 games40 seasons1973-2012
PasadenaCA137,1225 games5 games5 seasons1976, 1979, 1982, 1986, 1992
PhiladelphiaPA1,526,006654 games19 games89 seasons1920, 1924-31, 1933-2012
PittsburghPA305,704576 games29 games80 seasons1933-2012
PontiacMI59,515212 games3 games27 seasons1975-2001
PortsmouthOH20,22626 games0 games5 seasons1930-34
PottsvillePA14,3241 game0 games1 season1929
ProvidenceRI178,04258 games0 games7 seasons1925-31
RacineWI78,86021 games0 games4 seasons1922-24, 1926
RichmondVA204,2141 game0 games1 season1920
RochesterNY210,56518 games0 games5 seasons1920-24
Rock IslandIL39,01833 games0 games6 seasons1920-25
RockfordIL152,8711 game0 games1 season1920
St. LouisMO319,294353 games5 games48 seasons1923, 1934, 1960-87, 1995-2012
San AntonioTX1,327,4073 games0 games1 season2005
San DiegoCA1,307,402411 games17 games52 seasons1961-2012
San FranciscoCA805,235530 games30 games67 seasons1946-2012
SeattleWA608,660300 games9 games37 seasons1976-2012
StanfordCA13,8092 games1 game2 seasons1984, 1989
SyracuseNY145,1701 game0 games1 season1927
TampaFL335,709300 games11 games38 seasons1969, 1976-2012
TempeAZ161,719145 games1 game18 seasons1988-2005
ToledoOH287,2088 games0 games2 seasons1922-23
TorontoON2,615,0605 games0 games5 seasons2008-12
WashingtonDC601,723426 games14 games61 seasons1921, 1937-96
West AllisWI60,41142 games1 game18 seasons1934-51
ZanesvilleOH25,4872 games0 games1 season1920


Major Professional Football Game Locations – By Stadium

Stadium names have changed often throughout history. To be consistent a stadium is listed with their most current and/or recognizable name.

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header. You can quickly find a specific stadium using the search box to the right.

StadiumCityState /
Playoff Games
A. Murray Turner FieldHammondIN1 game0 games1 season1923
AlamodomeSan AntonioTX3 games0 games1 season2005
Alumni StadiumChestnut HillMA10 games0 games4 seasons1963-64, 1967, 1969
Anaheim StadiumAnaheimCA118 games2 games15 seasons1980-94
Archbold StadiumSyracuseNY1 game0 games1 season1927
Armory ParkToledoOH2 games0 games1 season1923
Arrowhead StadiumKansas CityMO323 games6 games41 seasons1972-2012
AstrodomeHoustonTX223 games5 games29 seasons1968-96
Atlanta-Fulton County StadiumAtlantaGA194 games2 games26 seasons1966-91
Azteca StadiumMexico CityMexico1 game0 games1 season2005
Baker BowlPhiladelphiaPA17 games0 games4 seasons1931, 1933-35
Balboa StadiumSan DiegoCA45 games3 games6 seasons1961-66
Baltimore Memorial StadiumBaltimoreMD261 games7 games37 seasons1947-50, 1953-83, 1996-97
Bank of America StadiumCharlotteNC139 games3 games17 seasons1996-2012
Bellevue ParkGreen BayWI12 games0 games2 seasons1923-24
Bison StadiumBuffaloNY24 games0 games5 seasons1924-27, 1929
Borchert FieldMilwaukeeWI24 games0 games6 seasons1922-26, 1933
Bosse FieldEvansvilleIN4 games0 games1 season1921
Nickerson FieldBostonMA20 games0 games3 seasons1960-62
Braves FieldBostonMA11 games0 games5 seasons1925, 1929, 1932, 1946
Breese Stevens FieldMadisonWI1 game0 games1 season1929
Buffalo Baseball ParkBuffaloNY12 games0 games3 seasons1920, 1922-23
Busch Memorial StadiumSaint LouisMO163 games0 games23 seasons1966-87, 1995
Candlestick ParkSan FranciscoCA360 games27 games44 seasons1960-61, 1971-2012
Canisius VillaBuffaloNY19 games0 games3 seasons1920-21, 1923
CenturyLink FieldSeattleWA94 games6 games11 seasons2002-12
Chicago StadiumChicagoIL1 game0 games1 season1932
City Park Municipal StadiumNew OrleansLA1 game0 games1 season1938
War Memorial StadiumBuffaloNY128 games3 games22 seasons1938, 1940, 1942-43, 1946-49, 1958, 1960-72
Clarkin FieldHartfordCT1 game0 games1 season1925
FirstEnergy StadiumClevelandOH112 games0 games14 seasons1999-2012
Cleveland Municipal StadiumClevelandOH391 games20 games57 seasons1931, 1937, 1939-42, 1945-95
Comiskey ParkChicagoIL133 games1 game25 seasons1922-25, 1929-30, 1940-58
Corcoran StadiumCincinnatiOH1 game0 games1 season1934
Cotton BowlDallasTX107 games4 games13 seasons1952, 1960-71
Cowboys StadiumArlingtonTX34 games2 games4 seasons2009-12
Crosley FieldCincinnatiOH7 games0 games3 seasons1931, 1933-34
Denver University StadiumDenverCO2 games0 games2 seasons1962-63
DePaul FieldChicagoIL2 games0 games2 seasons1920, 1925
Douglas ParkRock IslandIL33 games0 games6 seasons1920-25
Duluth Athletic ParkDuluthMN9 games0 games4 seasons1923-26
Dyche StadiumEvanstonIL1 game0 games1 season1970
East Hartford VelodromeEast HartfordCT8 games0 games1 season1926
Ebbets FieldNew YorkNY115 games0 games19 seasons1926, 1930-44, 1946-48
Eclipse ParkLouisvilleKY2 games0 games2 seasons1921-22
Edgerton Park/Exposition ParkRochesterNY7 games0 games4 seasons1920, 1922-24
Edward Jones DomeSaint LouisMO144 games5 games18 seasons1995-2012
Erie StadiumEriePA1 game0 games1 season1938
EverBank FieldJacksonvilleFL148 games4 games18 seasons1995-2012
FedExFieldLandoverMD130 games2 games16 seasons1997-2012
Fenway ParkBostonMA89 games0 games15 seasons1933-36, 1944-48, 1963-68
Forbes FieldPittsburghPA161 games1 game30 seasons1933-57, 1959-63
Ford FieldDetroitMI90 games1 game11 season2002-12
Foxboro StadiumFoxboroughMA242 games5 games31 seasons1971-2001
Frankford StadiumPhiladelphiaPA75 games0 games7 seasons1924-30
Franklin FieldPhiladelphiaPA89 games1 game13 seasons1958-70
Frank Youell FieldOaklandCA28 games0 games3 seasons1962-65
General FieldAkronOH7 games0 games3 seasons1924-26
Georgia DomeAtlantaGA175 games7 games21 seasons1992-2012
Giants StadiumEast RutherfordNJ492 games15 games34 seasons1976-2009
Gillette StadiumFoxboroughMA101 games13 games11 seasons2002-12
Gilmore StadiumLos AngelesCA1 game0 games1 season1946
Gleason ParkGaryIN2 games0 games2 seasons1920, 1926
Grant FieldAtlantaGA1 game0 games1 season1969
City StadiumGreen BayWI136 games0 games32 seasons1925-56
Griffith StadiumWashingtonDC148 games2 games25 seasons1937-60
Hagemeister ParkGreen BayWI9 games0 games2 seasons1921-22
Harvard StadiumCambridgeMA8 games0 games2 seasons1962, 1970
Heinz FieldPittsburghPA106 games10 games12 seasons2001-12
Horlick Athletic FieldRacineWI21 games0 games4 seasons1922-26
Husky StadiumSeattleWA19 games0 games3 seasons1994, 2000-01
Sports Authority FieldDenverCO100 games4 games12 seasons2001-12
Jeppesen/Robertson StadiumHoustonTX37 games2 games5 seasons1960-64
Kansas City Municipal StadiumKansas CityMO70 games1 game11 seasons1924, 1926, 1963-71
Kezar StadiumSan FranciscoCA170 games3 games25 seasons1946-70
KingdomeSeattleWA187 games3 games25 seasons1976-99
Kinsley ParkProvidenceRI1 game0 games1 season1929
Kishwaukee ParkRockfordIL1 game0 games1 season1920
Knights of Columbus FieldEast OrangeNJ5 games0 games1 season1929
Laidley FieldCharlestonWV1 game0 games1 season1938
Lakeside Athletic ParkCantonOH33 games0 games7 seasons1920-26
Lambeau FieldGreen BayWI324 games18 games56 seasons1957-2012
League Park/Elk's FieldAkronOH15 games0 games3 seasons1920-22
League Park/Dunn FieldClevelandOH36 games0 games10 seasons1920-21, 1923-25, 1937-38, 1940, 1944-45
League Park (Fort Wayne)Fort WayneIN2 games0 games1 season1920
Legion FieldBirminghamAL1 game0 games1 season1968
Liberty BowlMemphisTN8 games0 games1 season1997
Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphiaPA86 games6 games10 seasons2003-12
Lincoln ParkMarionOH1 game0 games1 season1922
Logan Square ParkChicagoIL1 game0 games1 season1920
Lorain Athletic FieldLorainOH1 game0 games1 season1920
Los Angeles Memorial ColiseumLos AngelesCA377 games19 games47 seasons1946-79, 1982-94
Loyola StadiumChicagoIL1 game0 games1 season1931
LP FieldNashvilleTN116 games4 games14 seasons1999-2012
Lucas Oil StadiumIndianapolisIN44 games4 games5 seasons2008-12
Luna BowlClevelandOH5 games0 games1 season1927
M&T Bank StadiumBaltimoreMD125 games5 games15 seasons1998-12
Mack ParkDetroitMI3 games0 games1 season1920
MetrodomeMinneapolisMN254 games11 games31 seasons1982-2012
Mark Athletic FieldZanesvilleOH2 games0 games1 season1920
Marquette StadiumMilwaukeeWI3 games0 games1 season1952
McKinley FieldChampaignIL1 game0 games1 season1920
Memorial Stadium (Berkeley)BerkeleyCA1 game0 games1 season1973
Memorial Stadium (Champaign)ChampaignIL8 games0 games1 season2002
Memorial Stadium (Clemson)ClemsonSC8 games0 games1 season1995
Memorial Stadium (U of Minnesota)BloomingtonMN1 game0 games1 season1969
SuperdomeNew OrleansLA303 games15 games37 seasons1975-2004, 2006-12
Metropolitan StadiumBloomingtonMN162 games10 games22 seasons1959, 1961-81
Mile High StadiumDenverCO318 games13 games41 seasons1960-2000
Mills Stadium / Pyott ParkChicagoIL2 games0 games2 seasons1920, 1930
Milwaukee County StadiumMilwaukeeWI126 games1 game42 seasons1953-94
Minersville ParkMinersvillePA31 games0 games5 seasons1925-29
Mitchell FieldPottsvillePA1 game0 games1 season1929
Monmouth College Athletic ParkMonmouthIL1 game0 games1 season1920
Nash StadiumKenoshaWI1 game0 games1 season1924
Neil ParkColumbusOH10 games0 games4 seasons1920-23
Newark Schools StadiumNewarkNJ4 games0 games1 season1930
Newark VelodromeNewarkNJ2 games0 games1 season1930
MetLife StadiumEast RutherfordNJ49 games1 game3 seasons2010-12
Nicollet ParkMinneapolisMN15 games0 games7 seasons1920-24, 1929-30
Nippert StadiumCincinnatiOH14 games0 games2 seasons1968-69
Normal ParkChicagoIL30 games0 games9 seasons1920-28
Oakland ColiseumOaklandCA276 games17 games34 seasons1966-81, 1995-2012
Orange BowlMiamiFL177 games19 games22 seasons1946, 1966-86
Parkway FieldLouisvilleKY1 game0 games1 season1923
Paul Brown StadiumCincinnatiOH106 games2 games13 seasons2000-12
Philadelphia Municipal StadiumPhiladelphiaPA26 games0 games9 seasons1931, 1936-39, 1941, 1947, 1950, 1954
Pitt StadiumPittsburghPA55 games0 games11 seasons1958, 1960-69
Point StadiumJohnstownPA1 game0 games1 season1936
Polo GroundsNew YorkNY247 games6 games37 seasons1920-21, 1925-55, 1960-63
SilverdomePontiacMI212 games3 games27 seasons1975-2001
Providence CycledromeProvidenceRI57 games0 games7 seasons1925-31
Pullman Athletic FieldChicagoIL1 game0 games1 season1920
Qualcomm StadiumSan DiegoCA366 games14 games46 seasons1967-2012
Ralph Wilson StadiumOrchard ParkNY317 games10 games40 seasons1973-2012
Raymond James StadiumTampaFL124 games6 games15 seasons1998-2012
RCA DomeIndianapolisIN199 games7 games24 seasons1984-2007
Reliant StadiumHoustonTX91 games3 games11 seasons2002-12
RFK StadiumWashingtonDC278 games12 games36 seasons1961-96
Rice StadiumHoustonTX22 games1 game4 seasons1965-67, 1973
Richmond Boulevard FieldRichmondVA1 game0 games1 season1920
Riverfront StadiumCincinnatiOH234 games6 games30 seasons1970-99
Bay Street ParkRochesterNY11 games0 games2 seasons1920-21
Rogers CentreTorontoON5 games0 games5 seasons2008-12
Rose BowlPasadenaCA5 games5 games5 seasons1976, 1979, 1982, 1986, 1992
Rubber BowlAkronOH3 games0 games3 seasons1941-42, 1952
Shaw StadiumClevelandOH2 games0 games1 season1938
Shea StadiumNew YorkNY150 games3 games20 seasons1964-83
Shibe ParkPhiladelphiaPA102 games1 game21 seasons1920, 1925-26, 1940-57
Soldier FieldChicagoIL371 games14 games51 seasons1926-27, '33, '38-'39,'46-'49,
'59, '71-2001, '03-'12
Sportsman's ParkSt. LouisMO46 games0 games8 seasons1923, 1934, 1960-65
St. Rita's FieldChicagoIL1 game0 games1 season1920
Staley FieldDecaturIL4 games0 games2 seasons1920-21
Stanford StadiumStanfordCA2 games1 game2 seasons1984, 1989
Tulane StadiumNew OrleansLA59 games3 games8 seasons1967-74
Sun Devil StadiumTempeAZ145 games1 game18 seasons1988-2005
Sun Life StadiumMiami GardensFL219 games13 games26 seasons1987-2012
Swayne FieldToledoOH6 games0 games1 season1922
Tampa StadiumTampaFL176 games5 games23 seasons1969, 1976-97
TCF Bank StadiumMinneapolisMN1 game0 games1 season2010
Temple StadiumPhiladelphiaPA2 games0 games2 seasons1934-35
Texas StadiumIrvingTX313 games22 games38 seasons1971-2008
Thompson StadiumNew YorkNY26 games0 games4 seasons1929-32
Three Rivers StadiumPittsburghPA254 games18 games31 seasons1970-2000
Tiger StadiumBaton RougeLA4 games0 games1 season2005
Tiger StadiumDetroitMI255 games3 games40 seasons1920-21, 1925-26, 1938-39, 1941-74
Triangle ParkDaytonOH22 games0 games7 seasons1920-24, 1926-27
Universal StadiumPortsmouthOH26 games0 games5 seasons1930-34
University of Dayton StadiumDaytonOH1 game0 games1 season1934
University of Detroit StadiumDetroitMI40 games1 game9 seasons1927-28, 1934-40
University of Phoenix StadiumGlendaleAZ60 games4 games7 seasons2006-12
Vanderbilt StadiumNashvilleTN8 games0 games1 season1998
Veterans StadiumPhiladelphiaPA257 games11 games32 seasons1971-2002
Walnut Street StadiumMuncieIN1 game0 games1 season1921
Weiss ParkHamdenCT1 game0 games1 season1920
Wembley StadiumLondonEngland6 games0 games6 seasons2007-12
West Side Athletic Club FieldColumbusOH3 games0 games2 seasons1924, 1926
Will Rogers Memorial StadiumColorado SpringsCO1 game0 games1 season1939
Wisconsin State Fair ParkWest AllisWI42 games1 game18 seasons1934-51
Wooster Avenue StadiumAkronOH1 game0 games1 season1923
Wrigley FieldChicagoIL372 games6 games51 seasons1920-70
Yale BowlNew HavenCT12 games0 games2 seasons1973-74
Yankee StadiumNew YorkNY168 games5 games27 seasons1927-28, 1945-51, 1956-73


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