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In the history of the Super Bowl no team has ever played the game in their own stadium. Every team has had to make travel arrangements to the Super Bowl. On some occasions a team only needed a bus to get to the game, while other teams had to fly across the entire country.

In Super Bowl XIV – played in Pasadena, CA – the Los Angeles Rams were only 12 miles away from home. It’s the closest a team has ever come to playing at home in the Super Bowl.

In Super Bowls XXIII and XXIX – both played in Miami Gardens, FL – the San Francisco 49ers were 2580 miles away from home. It’s the furthest a team has ever traveled to the Super Bowl. 

Distance to the Super Bowl (sorted by shortest distance)

Note: Distances are calculated from where the team’s home stadiums were/are, and from the stadium that hosted the Super Bowl. The stadium coordinates are exact and retrieved from WikipediaGeoHack. Distances are calculated in Excel using Blue MM’s Great Circle Distance Excel formula.

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SeasonSuper BowlTeamDistance To SB (miles)ResultScoreLocation
1979SB 14Los Angeles Rams12.3 miL19-31Pasadena, CA
1984SB 19San Francisco 49ers22.9 miW38-16Stanford, CA
2005SB 40Pittsburgh Steelers204.4 miW21-10Detroit, MI
1999SB 34Tennessee Titans213.8 miL16-23Atlanta, GA
1981SB 16Cincinnati Bengals253.8 miL21-26Pontiac, MI
1976SB 11Oakland Raiders335.2 miW32-14Pasadena, CA
2002SB 37Oakland Raiders447.1 miL21-48San Diego, CA
1971SB 6Dallas Cowboys447.8 miW24-3New Orleans, LA
1977SB 12Dallas Cowboys449.4 miW27-10New Orleans, LA
1999SB 34St. Louis Rams466.3 miW23-16Atlanta, GA
1998SB 33Atlanta Falcons593.6 miL19-34Miami Gardens, FL
2001SB 36St. Louis Rams599.9 miL17-20New Orleans, LA
2011SB 46New York Giants640.8 miW21-17Indianapolis, IN
2009SB 44New Orleans Saints660.7 miW31-17Miami Gardens, FL
1971SB 6Miami Dolphins669.2 miL3-24New Orleans, LA
1969SB 4Kansas City Chiefs680.2 miW23-7New Orleans, LA
1993SB 28Buffalo Bills693.0 miL13-30Atlanta, GA
1993SB 28Dallas Cowboys724.8 miW30-13Atlanta, GA
1991SB 26Buffalo Bills735.6 miL24-37Minneapolis, MN
2004SB 39Philadelphia Eagles755.5 miL21-24Jacksonville, FL
2011SB 46New England Patriots793.2 miL17-21Indianapolis, IN
1983SB 18Washington Redskins818.1 miL9-38Tampa, FL
1986SB 21Denver Broncos820.8 miL20-39Pasadena, CA
1987SB 22Denver Broncos826.8 miL10-42San Diego, CA
1997SB 32Denver Broncos826.8 miW31-24San Diego, CA
1985SB 20Chicago Bears834.4 miW46-10New Orleans, LA
2000SB 35Baltimore Ravens850.5 miW34-7Tampa, FL
1995SB 30Dallas Cowboys869.3 miW27-17Tempe, AZ
2008SB 43Pittsburgh Steelers873.2 miW27-23Tampa, FL
1974SB 9Pittsburgh Steelers921.8 miW16-6New Orleans, LA
2003SB 38Carolina Panthers929.8 miL29-32Houston, TX
1991SB 26Washington Redskins934.4 miW37-24Minneapolis, MN
1988SB 23Cincinnati Bengals940.9 miL16-20Miami Gardens, FL
2010SB 45Green Bay Packers945.8 miW31-25Arlington, TX
1968SB 3Baltimore Colts959.5 miL7-16Miami, FL
1970SB 5Baltimore Colts959.5 miW16-13Miami, FL
1973SB 8Miami Dolphins967.0 miW24-7Houston, TX
2004SB 39New England Patriots996.0 miW24-21Jacksonville, FL
2012SB 47Baltimore Ravens998.5 miW34-31New Orleans, LA
1990SB 25New York Giants1007.3 miW20-19Tampa, FL
2000SB 35New York Giants1007.4 miL7-34Tampa, FL
1996SB 31Green Bay Packers1011.4 miW35-21New Orleans, LA
2009SB 44Indianapolis Colts1013.1 miL17-31Miami Gardens, FL
2006SB 41Indianapolis Colts1013.3 miW29-17Miami Gardens, FL
1975SB 10Pittsburgh Steelers1013.6 miW21-17Miami, FL
1978SB 13Pittsburgh Steelers1013.6 miW35-31Miami, FL
1990SB 25Buffalo Bills1043.1 miL19-20Tampa, FL
1969SB 4Minnesota Vikings1044.3 miL7-23New Orleans, LA
1974SB 9Minnesota Vikings1044.3 miL6-16New Orleans, LA
1973SB 8Minnesota Vikings1052.6 miL7-24Houston, TX
1977SB 12Denver Broncos1081.7 miL10-27New Orleans, LA
1989SB 24Denver Broncos1081.7 miL10-55New Orleans, LA
2010SB 45Pittsburgh Steelers1083.7 miL25-31Arlington, TX
1980SB 15Philadelphia Eagles1086.6 miL10-27New Orleans, LA
1968SB 3New York Jets1097.5 miW16-7Miami, FL
1970SB 5Dallas Cowboys1106.2 miL13-16Miami, FL
1975SB 10Dallas Cowboys1115.8 miL17-21Miami, FL
1978SB 13Dallas Cowboys1115.8 miL31-35Miami, FL
2006SB 41Chicago Bears1176.3 miL17-29Miami Gardens, FL
1992SB 27Dallas Cowboys1225.9 miW52-17Pasadena, CA
1985SB 20New England Patriots1339.8 miL10-46New Orleans, LA
1996SB 31New England Patriots1339.8 miL21-35New Orleans, LA
2001SB 36New England Patriots1339.8 miW20-17New Orleans, LA
1966SB 1Kansas City Chiefs1358.6 miL10-35Los Angeles, CA
1967SB 2Green Bay Packers1365.8 miW33-14Miami, FL
1976SB 11Minnesota Vikings1511.4 miL14-32Pasadena, CA
2003SB 38New England Patriots1591.8 miW32-29Houston, TX
2013SB 48Denver Broncos1624.4 mi?
1998SB 33Denver Broncos1716.0 miW34-19Miami Gardens, FL
1997SB 32Green Bay Packers1751.7 miL24-31San Diego, CA
1966SB 1Green Bay Packers1758.8 miW35-10Los Angeles, CA
2008SB 43Arizona Cardinals1801.6 miL23-27Tampa, FL
1995SB 30Pittsburgh Steelers1817.4 miL17-27Tempe, AZ
1980SB 15Oakland Raiders1909.7 miW27-10New Orleans, LA
1989SB 24San Francisco 49ers1919.4 miW55-10New Orleans, LA
2012SB 47San Francisco 49ers1919.4 miL31-34New Orleans, LA
2005SB 40Seattle Seahawks1933.0 miL10-21Detroit, MI
1981SB 16San Francisco 49ers2074.7 miW26-21Pontiac, MI
2002SB 37Tampa Bay Buccaneers2080.5 miW48-21San Diego, CA
1979SB 14Pittsburgh Steelers2124.3 miW31-19Pasadena, CA
2007SB 42New York Giants2143.8 miW17-14Glendale, AZ
1983SB 18Los Angeles Raiders2148.8 miW38-9Tampa, FL
1992SB 27Buffalo Bills2190.2 miL17-52Pasadena, CA
1994SB 29San Diego Chargers2258.4 miL26-49Miami Gardens, FL
1987SB 22Washington Redskins2269.4 miW42-10San Diego, CA
1982SB 17Washington Redskins2291.0 miW27-17Pasadena, CA
2007SB 42New England Patriots2291.3 miL14-17Glendale, AZ
1972SB 7Washington Redskins2301.0 miL7-14Los Angeles, CA
1982SB 17Miami Dolphins2329.7 miL17-27Pasadena, CA
1972SB 7Miami Dolphins2335.9 miW14-7Los Angeles, CA
2013SB 48Seattle Seahawks2395.6 mi?
1986SB 21New York Giants2434.4 miW39-20Pasadena, CA
1984SB 19Miami Dolphins2572.4 miL16-38Stanford, CA
1967SB 2Oakland Raiders2576.8 miL14-33Miami, FL
1988SB 23San Francisco 49ers2579.6 miW20-16Miami Gardens, FL
1994SB 29San Francisco 49ers2579.6 miW49-26Miami Gardens, FL

Additional Info

  • The average Super Bowl trip is 1261 miles.
  • The Los Angeles Rams (SB XIV) and San Francisco 49ers (SB XIX) are the only teams to have played in a Super Bowl less than 200 miles away from home.
  • The St. Louis/L.A. Rams have on average traveled 360 miles to the Super Bowl (out of two appearances). It’s the lowest Super Bowl travel average among teams with more than one Super Bowl appearance.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have on average traveled 882 miles to the Super Bowl (out of eight appearances). It’s the lowest Super Bowl travel average among teams with more than two Super Bowl appearances.
  • The Seahawks have on average traveled 2164 miles to the Super Bowl (out of two appearances). It’s the highest Super Bowl travel average among teams with more than one Super Bowl appearance.


Super Bowl scores retrieved from Pro-Football-Reference.com.


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