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Updated: February 6th, 2012

The New England Patriots and New York Giants are approximately 170.2 miles apart, making their matchup in Super Bowl 46 the second shortest distance between Super Bowl opponents.

MetLife Stadium is located slightly north of where Giants Stadium was, thus the distance in Super Bowl 46 between the Giants and Patriots is slightly less than the distance the teams had between them in Super Bowl 42.

The shortest distance between opponents in a Super Bowl occurred when the Chicago Bears faced off against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 41; the teams were only 164 miles apart.

The greatest distance between opponents in a Super Bowl occurred when the Miami Dolphins faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 19; the teams were 2587 miles apart.

Distance Between Super Bowl Opponents

Note: Distances are measured by miles. Distances are calculated from where the teams home stadiums were/are. The stadium coordinates are exact and retrieved from Wikipedia/ GeoHack. Distances calculated in Excel using Blue MM’s Great Circle Distance Excel formula.

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SeasonSBDistance SB OppWonLostScore
200641163.7Indianapolis ColtsChicago Bears29-17
201146170.2New York GiantsNew England Patriots21-17
200742170.3New York GiantsNew England Patriots17-14
200035171.4Baltimore RavensNew York Giants34-7
19683175.8New York JetsBaltimore Colts16-7
199934253.4St. Louis RamsTennessee Titans23-16
200439253.6New England PatriotsPhiladelphia Eagles24-21
199025277.8New York GiantsBuffalo Bills20-19
199126284.6Washington RedskinsBuffalo Bills37-24
19694404.2Kansas City ChiefsMinnesota Vikings23-7
199429451.9San Francisco 49ersSan Diego Chargers49-26
201045496.2Green Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers31-25
19661501.6Green Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs35-10
197712656.5Dallas CowboysDenver Broncos27-10
200338701.0New England PatriotsCarolina Panthers32-29
200944713.0New Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts31-17
19749736.9Pittsburgh SteelersMinnesota Vikings16-6
198520838.6Chicago BearsNew England Patriots46-10
199631859.2Green Bay PackersNew England Patriots35-21
19727925.4Miami DolphinsWashington Redskins14-7
198217925.4Washington RedskinsMiami Dolphins27-17
199732927.0Denver BroncosGreen Bay Packers31-24
198924944.9San Francisco 49ersDenver Broncos55-10
2001361022.1New England PatriotsSt. Louis Rams20-17
1975101071.5Pittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys21-17
1978131071.5Pittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys35-31
1995301071.5Dallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers27-17
197161115.8Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins24-3
1992271200.0Dallas CowboysBuffalo Bills52-17
1993281200.0Dallas CowboysBuffalo Bills30-13
197051210.2Baltimore ColtsDallas Cowboys16-13
1998331210.8Denver BroncosAtlanta Falcons34-19
1987221494.4Washington RedskinsDenver Broncos42-10
197381504.3Miami DolphinsMinnesota Vikings24-7
1976111571.4Oakland RaidersMinnesota Vikings32-14
1986211624.3New York GiantsDenver Broncos39-20
196721822.4Green Bay PackersOakland Raiders33-14
2008431831.6Pittsburgh SteelersArizona Cardinals27-23
1981162038.2San Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals26-21
1988232038.2San Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals20-16
2005402131.5Pittsburgh SteelersSeattle Seahawks21-10
1979142134.6Pittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Rams31-19
1983182301.0Los Angeles RaidersWashington Redskins38-9
2002372381.3Tampa Bay BuccaneersOakland Raiders48-21
1980152506.3Oakland RaidersPhiladelphia Eagles27-10
1984192586.6San Francisco 49ersMiami Dolphins38-16

Additional Info

  • The average distance between opponents in Super Bowls has been 1090.1 miles.
  • Of the eight Super Bowls with the shortest distance between opponents, teams from New York have have participated in five of them (Jets: SB 3 | Giants: SB 25, 35, 42, 46).
  • The last three Super Bowls the Oakland/L.A. Raiders have participated in, had the second (SB 15), third (SB 37), and fourth (SB 18) greatest distances between opponents.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have participated in eight Super Bowls.  Seven of those Super Bowls all in a row are the 25th to 31st Super Bowls with the greatest distance between opponents.
  • The Super Bowl matchup that would create the smallest distance between opponents would be the New York Giants vs. the New York Jets (o miles). Followed by the Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers (11 miles).
  • The Super Bowl matchup that would create the greatest distance between opponents would be the Miami Dolphins vs. Seattle Seahawks (2720 miles).


Super Bowl scores retrieved from Pro-Football-Reference.com.

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