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Let’s play again says Stanford and UCLA.

This past Saturday, Stanford defeated UCLA 35-17 and on Friday night the two teams will meet again in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Same season rematches are rare in major college football (Div. 1 – FBS equivalent), and such rematches in back-to-back games are even more rare – before this season the last time it happened was 1944 when the Texas service teams Amarillo Field and Lubbock Field met in back-to-back games. However, the last time major college programs met in back-to-back games was 1935, when Detroit (MI) and Villanova (PA) pulled off the sequence.

It’s also the first time since 1919, that major college football teams from the same conference will play each other in back-to-back games. That year Colorado State – then known as Agricultural College of Colorado – and Wyoming played each other in their season’s first two games; both teams were from the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

Major College Football Teams That Played Each Other in Back-to-Back Games – Since 1900

Note: The list only includes programs that were considered “major” at the time of the game.

Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Stanford (CA)- UCLA 2012 Gm #1 11/24/2012 Stanford (CA) at UCLA 35-17
Gm #2 11/30/2012 ?   ? ?
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Amarillo Field (TX)-Lubbock Field (TX) 1944 Gm #1 9/30/1944 Amarillo Field (TX) at Lubbock Field (TX) 19-0
Gm #2 10/7/1944 Amarillo Field (TX) vs. Lubbock Field (TX) 31-0
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Detroit (MI)-Villanova (PA) 1935 Gm #1 10/26/1935 Detroit (MI) vs. Villanova (PA) 19-15
Gm #2 11/2/1935 Villanova (PA) vs. Detroit (MI) 13-7
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Northern Colorado-Regis (CO) 1924 Gm #1 11/1/1924 Northern Colorado vs. Regis (CO) 20-7
Gm #2 11/8/1924 Regis (CO) vs. Northern Colorado 27-7
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Erskine (SC)-Newberry (SC) 1919 Gm #1 10/11/1919 Erskine (SC) at Newberry (SC) 6-0
Gm #2 10/18/1919 Erskine (SC) vs. Newberry (SC) 46-0
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Colorado St.-Wyoming 1919 Gm #1 9/27/1919 Colorado St. at Wyoming 28-0
Gm #2 10/4/1919 Colorado St. vs. Wyoming 14-0
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Mississippi-Mississippi St. 1918 Gm #1 11/28/1918 Mississippi St. vs. Mississippi 34-0
Gm #2 12/7/1918 Mississippi St. at Mississippi 13-0
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
California-Washington 1916 Gm #1 11/18/1916 Washington at California 13-3
Gm #2 11/30/1916 Washington vs. California 14-7
Matchup Season   Date Won   Lost Score
Baylor (TX)-             Texas Christian 1907 Gm #1 11/11/1907 Texas Christian at Baylor (TX) 11-10
Gm #2 11/28/1907 Baylor (TX) vs. Texas Christian 16-8


Florida State played Florida in back-to-back games twice…

In 1994 and again in 1996, Florida St. played Florida in back-to-back games – in between those matchups Florida played in the SEC Championship Game. 

  Season   Date Won/Tied   Lost/Tied Score  
Florida St. vs. Florida 1994 Gm #1 11/26/1994 Florida at Florida St. 31-31  
Gm #2 1/2/1995 Florida St. n Florida 23-17 Sugar Bowl
  Season   Date Won   Lost Score  
Florida St. vs. Florida 1996 Gm #1 11/30/1996 Florida St. vs. Florida 24-21  
Gm #2 1/2/1997 Florida n Florida St. 52-20 Sugar Bowl


What about back-to-back rematches before 1900? In the 1800s it was common from teams to play each other in back-to-back games. In fact, college football’s second ever game was a rematch of its first – Princeton avenged a 6-4 loss to Rutgers in the first ever intercollegiate game with a 8-0 win the following week.


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  1. Didn’t Oklahoma and Nebraska play in back to back games in the 1980’s? Nebraska won the season finale 17-14, but lost to OU in the Orange Bowl 31-24…

  2. It was 1978 actually…

  3. I looked into it and both Nebraska and Oklahoma played teams between their Orange Bowl matchup. Nebraska played Missouri and Oklahoma played Oklahoma St. Thanks for bringing it up though.

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