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Teams from the state of Texas have occupied a total of 142 spots in the AP’s end-of-season polls; the most by any state. Followed by California (122 spots) and Florida (88 spots).

Check out the table below to see where your state ranks.

Tally of Final AP Poll Appearances by State – (1936-2011)

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# of Spots: The number of spots the state has occupied in the final AP polls.

% of Spots: The percentage of spots the state has occupied in the final AP polls.

# of Polls: The number of final AP poll appearances the state has made.

% of Polls: The percentage of final AP poll appearances the state has made.

Avg Rk: The average rank that teams from the state have held in the final AP polls.

First: The first season that the state made an appearance in a final AP poll.

Latest: The latest season that the state made an appearance in a final AP poll.

Different Teams: The number of different teams from the state that made at least one appearance in the final AP polls.

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State# of Spots% of Spots# of Polls% of PollsAvg RkFirstLatestDifferent
Alabama85 spots5.30%64 polls83.12%No. 9193620122 teams
Arizona22 spots1.37%20 polls25.97%No. 12195720072 teams
Arkansas28 spots1.75%28 polls36.36%No. 10193620111 team
California124 spots7.74%70 polls90.91%No. 111936201215 teams
Colorado29 spots1.81%27 polls35.06%No. 13193720025 teams
Connecticut4 spots0.25%4 polls5.19%No. 13193619601 team
Delaware1 spot0.06%1 poll1.30%No. 19194619461 team
District of Columbia2 spots0.12%2 polls2.60%No. 15194019562 teams
Florida90 spots5.61%48 polls62.34%No. 9194420125 teams
Georgia58 spots3.62%49 polls63.64%No. 11193920122 teams
Hawaii2 spots0.12%2 polls2.60%No. 20199220071 team
Idaho9 spots0.56%9 polls11.69%No. 11200220121 team
Illinois25 spots1.56%22 polls28.57%No. 12193620124 teams
Indiana72 spots4.49%56 polls72.73%No. 10193620123 teams
Iowa25 spots1.56%25 polls32.47%No. 12193920093 teams
Kansas19 spots1.19%18 polls23.38%No. 12194720122 teams
Kentucky16 spots1.00%16 polls20.78%No. 14194920122 teams
Louisiana43 spots2.68%41 polls53.25%No. 10193620122 teams
Maryland32 spots2.00%28 polls36.36%No. 11193620103 teams
Massachusetts20 spots1.25%18 polls23.38%No. 15193720073 teams
Michigan81 spots5.05%68 polls88.31%No. 10193820123 teams
Minnesota14 spots0.87%14 polls18.18%No. 9193620031 team
Mississippi38 spots2.37%32 polls41.56%No. 14194020113 teams
Missouri17 spots1.06%17 polls22.08%No. 13193920101 team
Nebraska48 spots2.99%48 polls62.34%No. 10193620121 team
Nevada1 spot0.06%1 poll1.30%No. 11201020101 team
New Hampshire5 spots0.31%5 polls6.49%No. 14193619701 team
New Jersey8 spots0.50%8 polls10.39%No. 14194920062 teams
New Mexico1 spot0.06%1 poll1.30%No. 17196019601 team
New York42 spots2.62%33 polls42.86%No. 12193620015 teams
North Carolina49 spots3.06%38 polls49.35%No. 15193620105 teams
Ohio67 spots4.18%55 polls71.43%No. 10193720126 teams
Oklahoma72 spots4.49%58 polls75.32%No. 9193820124 teams
Oregon23 spots1.43%19 polls24.68%No. 12194120122 teams
Pennsylvania75 spots4.68%56 polls72.73%No. 11193620098 teams
South Carolina34 spots2.12%29 polls37.66%No. 14193920122 teams
Tennessee44 spots2.74%44 polls57.14%No. 10193620122 teams
Texas144 spots8.98%75 polls97.40%No. 121936201210 teams
Utah24 spots1.50%21 polls27.27%No. 14196120123 teams
Virginia32 spots2.00%28 polls36.36%No. 16194220115 teams
Washington33 spots2.06%30 polls38.96%No. 12193620032 teams
West Virginia20 spots1.25%19 polls24.68%No. 15195320112 teams
Wisconsin21 spots1.31%21 polls27.27%No. 11193620112 teams
Wyoming4 spots0.25%4 polls5.19%No. 14195019961 team


Additional Info

  • College football teams from the state of North Carolina have occupied a total of 49 spots in the AP’s final polls. It’s the most final poll spots a state has occupied without ever having a team win an AP national championship.
  • The Minnesota Golden Gophers, the only team from the state of Minnesota to ever make a final AP poll, have made a total of 14 appearances in the final polls. It’s the fewest final poll spots a state has occupied while also having a team win an AP national championship (1936, 1940, 1941, and 1960).


Sources: College Football at Sports-Reference.comCollege Poll Archive


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