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Below is a listing of every NFL team and their average distance from the other NFL teams. Also listed is the number of teams within a mileage range of the team.

Average Distance Between NFL Teams

Note: The distance between NFL teams was calculated from where their stadiums are located. The average distance between teams was found using an Excel formula developed by BlueMM, which finds the distance between two locations using great-circle distance; from there I created a mileage chart and calculated the averages. Stadium coordinates were retrieved from GeoHack.


Average (mi): The average distance (miles) that each team is from the other NFL teams.

# of Teams ≤ 100 Miles: The number of NFL teams located within a 100 miles of the team.

≤ X mi: The number of NFL teams located within (x) miles of the team.

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header.

TeamAverage (mi)# of Teams ≤ 100 Miles≤ 250 mi≤ 500 mi≤ 1000 mi≥ 1000 mi
Arizona Cardinals1497.4001526
Atlanta Falcons822.1028256
Baltimore Ravens881.52511238
Buffalo Bills872.403132011
Carolina Panthers832.50110256
Chicago Bears770.90311247
Cincinnati Bengals735.61413256
Cleveland Browns785.21415229
Dallas Cowboys997.60131615
Denver Broncos1157.70001219
Detroit Lions789.41614229
Green Bay Packers853.20192110
Houston Texans1062.80121417
Indianapolis Colts734.71412256
Jacksonville Jaguars983.1014238
Kansas City Chiefs845.90162011
Miami Dolphins1226.50121021
Minnesota Vikings930.20041813
New England Patriots1121.00271714
New Orleans Saints971.00051813
New York Giants979.42591813
New York Jets979.42591813
Oakland Raiders1861.6112526
Philadelphia Eagles932.534102011
Pittsburgh Steelers799.20515229
San Diego Chargers1722.7003427
San Francisco 49ers1871.0112526
Seattle Seahawks1892.5000229
St. Louis Rams764.80210247
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1078.30241714
Tennessee Titans759.10211256
Washington Redskins875.71511238


Additional Info

  • The average distance between all the NFL teams is 1043.3 miles. Without the Seattle Seahawks that average drops to 1016 miles.
  • The Indianapolis Colts are on average 734.7 miles away from the other NFL teams; the shortest average distance in the NFL. Followed by the Cincinnati Bengals (735.6 miles) and Tennessee Titans (759.1 miles).
  • The Philadelphia Eagles have three NFL teams within 100-mile radius of them; the most in the league.


  • The Seattle Seahawks are the most isolated team in the NFL, with an average distance of 1892.5 miles between them and the other NFL teams. Followed by the San Francisco 49ers (1871 miles) and Oakland Raiders (1861.6 miles).
  • The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are the only NFL teams not within 500 miles of another team.

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