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If you were to determine NFL success solely on winning seasons, the Dallas Cowboys would be the most successful franchise in NFL history. The Cowboys have had 33 winning seasons; or you could say 62.3% of their seasons have been winning ones. No other franchise can claim a higher percentage of winning seasons than the Cowboys.

Check out the table below for a complete tally of winning and losing seasons by franchise in the NFL.

A Tally of Winning and Losing Seasons in the NFL

Note: The tallies only include regular season records. Includes AAFC and AFL seasons.

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Winning: The number of winning seasons the franchise has recorded.

%: Depending on the column it follows, it’s the percentage of the franchise’s seasons that were winning, losing, or even finishes (.500 W Pct.).

Losing: The number of losing seasons the franchise has recorded.

.500: The number of even finishes (.500 W Pct.) the franchise has recorded.

Seasons: The total number of seasons played by the franchise.

Avg W Pct: The average winning percentage the franchise has recorded in each season.

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the titles in the header. You can search for a specific franchise/division using the search box to the right.

FranchiseDivision|Winning%|Losing%|0.5%|SeasonsAvg W Pct
Arizona CardinalsNFC West|2729.03%|5862.37%|88.60%|93 seasons0.414
Atlanta FalconsNFC South|1531.91%|2961.70%|36.38%|47 seasons0.436
Baltimore RavensAFC North|1058.82%|635.29%|15.88%|17 seasons0.553
Buffalo BillsAFC East|2139.62%|2954.72%|35.66%|53 seasons0.464
Carolina PanthersNFC South|422.22%|1161.11%|316.67%|18 seasons0.459
Chicago BearsNFC North|5761.29%|3234.41%|44.30%|93 seasons0.584
Cincinnati BengalsAFC North|1533.33%|2351.11%|715.56%|45 seasons0.448
Cleveland BrownsAFC North|3757.81%|2437.50%|34.69%|64 seasons0.553
Dallas CowboysNFC East|3362.26%|1630.19%|47.55%|53 seasons0.573
Denver BroncosAFC West|2547.17%|1935.85%|916.98%|53 seasons0.519
Detroit LionsNFC North|3440.96%|4351.81%|67.23%|83 seasons0.464
Green Bay PackersNFC North|5761.96%|2729.35%|88.70%|92 seasons0.566
Houston TexansAFC South|327.27%|654.55%|218.18%|11 seasons0.438
Indianapolis ColtsAFC South|3355.00%|2338.33%|46.67%|60 seasons0.527
Jacksonville JaguarsAFC South|738.89%|950.00%|211.11%|18 seasons0.486
Kansas City ChiefsAFC West|2750.94%|2241.51%|47.55%|53 seasons0.510
Miami DolphinsAFC East|2961.70%|1327.66%|510.64%|47 seasons0.571
Minnesota VikingsNFC North|3057.69%|1528.85%|713.46%|52 seasons0.547
New England PatriotsAFC East|3260.38%|1833.96%|35.66%|53 seasons0.532
New Orleans SaintsNFC South|1123.91%|2860.87%|715.22%|46 seasons0.433
New York GiantsNFC East|5056.82%|2932.95%|910.23%|88 seasons0.551
New York JetsAFC East|1833.96%|2445.28%|1120.75%|53 seasons0.460
Oakland RaidersAFC West|2852.83%|1833.96%|713.21%|53 seasons0.549
Philadelphia EaglesNFC East|3442.50%|4151.25%|56.25%|80 seasons0.475
Pittsburgh SteelersAFC North|3948.75%|3341.25%|810.00%|80 seasons0.505
San Diego ChargersAFC West|2445.28%|2139.62%|815.09%|53 seasons0.505
San Francisco 49ersNFC West|3958.21%|2435.82%|45.97%|67 seasons0.551
Seattle SeahawksNFC West|1643.24%|1745.95%|410.81%|37 seasons0.481
St. Louis RamsNFC West|3546.67%|3546.67%|56.67%|75 seasons0.504
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNFC South|1232.43%|2464.86%|12.70%|37 seasons0.395
Tennessee TitansAFC South|2343.40%|2241.51%|815.09%|53 seasons0.486
Washington RedskinsNFC East|3846.91%|3239.51%|1113.58%|81 seasons0.517



The Dallas Cowboys had a string of 20 consecutive winning seasons from 1966 to 1985 – the most ever in NFL history.

Winning and Losing Season Streaks in the NFL

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Greatest W Season Streak: The franchise’s greatest streak of winning seasons.

Greatest L Season Streak: The franchise’s greatest streak of losing seasons.

Latest: The most recent time that the franchise had their greatest streak of winning/losing seasons.

W Season Streak
L Season Streak
Arizona CardinalsNFC West|4 seasons2 times1946-1949|9 seasons1 time1985-1993
Atlanta FalconsNFC South|5 seasons1 time2008-2012|8 seasons1 time1983-1990
Baltimore RavensAFC North|5 seasons1 time2008-2012|3 seasons1 time1996-1998
Buffalo BillsAFC East|6 seasons1 time1988-1993|8 seasons1 time2005-2012
Carolina PanthersNFC South|0 seasons--|3 seasons2 times2010-2012
Chicago BearsNFC North|15 seasons1 time1930-1944|7 seasons1 time1969-1975
Cincinnati BengalsAFC North|3 seasons1 time1975-1977|6 seasons1 time1997-2002
Cleveland BrownsAFC North|13 seasons1 time1957-1969|5 seasons1 time2008-2012
Dallas CowboysNFC East|20 seasons1 time1966-1985|5 seasons2 times1986-1990
Denver BroncosAFC West|5 seasons2 times2002-2006|10 seasons1 time1963-1972
Detroit LionsNFC North|9 seasons1 time1931-1939|10 seasons1 time2001-2010
Green Bay PackersNFC North|14 seasons1 time1934-1947|5 seasons1 time1973-1977
Houston TexansAFC South|2 seasons1 time2011-2012|5 seasons1 time2002-2006
Indianapolis ColtsAFC South|9 seasons2 times2002-2010|9 seasons1 time1978-1986
Jacksonville JaguarsAFC South|4 seasons1 time1996-1999|4 seasons1 time2000-2003
Kansas City ChiefsAFC West|9 seasons2 times1989-1997|6 seasons1 time1974-1979
Miami DolphinsAFC East|7 seasons1 time1997-2003|4 seasons2 times2009-2012
Minnesota VikingsNFC North|6 seasons1 time1973-1978|3 seasons1 time1961-1963
New England PatriotsAFC East|12 seasons1 time2001-2012|7 seasons1 time1967-1973
New Orleans SaintsNFC South|3 seasons2 times2009-2011|12 seasons1 time1967-1978
New York GiantsNFC East|10 seasons1 time1954-1963|8 seasons1 time1973-1980
New York JetsAFC East|3 seasons3 times2008-2010|4 seasons1 time1962-1965
Oakland RaidersAFC West|16 seasons1 time1965-1980|7 seasons1 time2003-2009
Philadelphia EaglesNFC East|7 seasons1 time1943-1949|10 seasons1 time1933-1942
Pittsburgh SteelersAFC North|9 seasons1 time1972-1980|8 seasons1 time1964-1971
San Diego ChargersAFC West|7 seasons1 time1963-1969|7 seasons1 time1970-1976
San Francisco 49ersNFC West|16 seasons1 time1983-1998|6 seasons1 time2003-2008
Seattle SeahawksNFC West|5 seasons1 time2003-2007|4 seasons2 times2008-2011
St. Louis RamsNFC West|8 seasons2 times1973-1980|9 seasons1 time1990-1998
Tampa Bay BuccaneersNFC South|4 seasons1 time1999-2002|14 seasons1 time1983-1996
Tennessee TitansAFC South|7 seasons1 time1987-1993|6 seasons1 time1981-1986
Washington RedskinsNFC East|10 seasons1 time1936-1945|9 seasons1 time1957-1965



Check out the table below for a complete tally of winning and losing seasons by defunct franchises.

A Tally of Winning and Losing Seasons by Defunct Franchises

Franchise|Winning%|Losing%|0.500%|SeasonsAvg W Pct
Akron Pros/Indians|342.9%|457.1%|00.0%|7 seasons0.472
Baltimore Colts I (AAFC/NFL)|00.0%|375.0%|125.0%|4 seasons0.211
Boston Yanks|00.0%|5100.0%|00.0%|5 seasons0.280
Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC)|00.0%|3100.0%|00.0%|3 seasons0.214
Brooklyn Dodgers/Tigers|425.0%|1168.8%|16.3%|16 seasons0.381
Brooklyn Lions|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.273
Buffalo AA/Bisons/Rangers|555.6%|333.3%|111.1%|9 seasons0.469
Buffalo Bisons/Bills (AAFC)|125.0%|125.0%|250.0%|4 seasons0.473
Canton Bulldogs|466.7%|116.7%|116.7%|6 seasons0.639
Chicago Rockets/Hornets (AAFC)|00.0%|4100.0%|00.0%|4 seasons0.235
Chicago Tigers|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.313
Cincinnati Celts|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.250
Cincinnati Reds|00.0%|2100.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.175
Cleveland Indians|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.200
Cleveland Indians/Bulldogs|375.0%|125.0%|00.0%|4 seasons0.631
Cleveland Tigers/Indians|00.0%|2100.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.375
Columbus Panhandles/Tigers|114.3%|571.4%|114.3%|7 seasons0.229
Dallas Texans|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.083
Dayton Triangles|220.0%|770.0%|110.0%|10 seasons0.267
Detroit Heralds|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.438
Detroit Panthers|150.0%|150.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.584
Detroit Tigers|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.214
Detroit Wolverines|1100.0%|00.0%|00.0%|1 season0.750
Duluth Kelleys/Eskimos|360.0%|240.0%|00.0%|5 seasons0.410
Evansville Crimson Giants|150.0%|150.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.300
Frankford Yellow Jackets|562.5%|337.5%|00.0%|8 seasons0.575
Hammond Pros|00.0%|685.7%|114.3%|7 seasons0.226
Hartford Blues|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.300
Kansas City Blues/Cowboys|133.3%|266.7%|00.0%|3 seasons0.421
Kenosha Maroons|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.100
Los Angeles Buccaneers|1100.0%|00.0%|00.0%|1 season0.650
Los Angeles Dons (AAFC)|125.0%|125.0%|250.0%|4 seasons0.476
Louisville Brecks/Colonels|00.0%|4100.0%|00.0%|4 seasons0.063
Miami Seahawks (AAFC)|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.214
Milwaukee Badgers|120.0%|480.0%|00.0%|5 seasons0.341
Minneapolis Marines/Red Jackets|00.0%|6100.0%|00.0%|6 seasons0.183
Muncie Flyers|00.0%|2100.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.000
New York Brickley Giants|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.000
New York Bulldogs/Yanks|133.3%|266.7%|00.0%|3 seasons0.292
New York Yankees (AAFC)|375.0%|125.0%|00.0%|4 seasons0.667
New York Yankees I|00.0%|2100.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.408
Oorang Indians|00.0%|2100.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.212
Orange/Newark Tornadoes|00.0%|2100.0%|00.0%|2 seasons0.290
Pottsville Maroons/Boston Bulldogs|240.0%|240.0%|120.0%|5 seasons0.541
Providence Steam Roller|457.1%|228.6%|114.3%|7 seasons0.557
Racine Legion/Tornadoes|250.0%|125.0%|125.0%|4 seasons0.460
Rochester Jeffersons|116.7%|583.3%|00.0%|6 seasons0.201
Rock Island Independents|583.3%|116.7%|00.0%|6 seasons0.614
St. Louis All-Stars|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.286
St. Louis Gunners|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.333
Staten Island Stapletons|00.0%|375.0%|125.0%|4 seasons0.413
Toledo Maroons|150.0%|00.0%|150.0%|2 seasons0.584
Tonawanda Kardex|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.000
Washington Senators|00.0%|1100.0%|00.0%|1 season0.333



Additional Info

Current Steaks

  • The New England Patriots have the longest active streak of winning seasons; 12 consecutive winning seasons from 2001 to 2012. Followed by the five consecutive winning seasons registered by both the Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens.
  • The Buffalo Bills have the longest active streak of losing seasons: eight consecutive losing seasons from 2005-2012. Followed by the St. Louis Rams with six consecutive losing seasons, and the Cleveland Browns (five straight losing seasons).


Consecutive .500 Seasons

  • The most consecutive .500 seasons a franchise has completed is three. It has happened three times.
Franchise Consecutive .500 Seasons
Boston Braves/Redskins 1932-1934
Green Bay Packers 1983-1985
Houston/Tennessee Oilers 1996-1998


Impressive Periods of Winning

  • From 1920 to 1951 (32 seasons), the Chicago Bears franchise only had two losing seasons (1929 and 1945),
  • From 1946 to 1973 (28 seasons), the Cleveland Browns only had two losing seasons (1956 and 1970).
  • From 1921 to 1947 (27 seasons), the Green Bay Packers only had one losing season (1933).


Surprising Periods of Mediocrity

  • From 1985 to 2007 (23 seasons), the Arizona Cardinals franchise only had one winning season (1998).
  • From 1991 to 2008 (18 seasons), the Cincinnati Bengals only had one winning season (2005).
  • From 1967-1986 (20 seasons), the New Orleans Saints never had a winning seasons. They finished at .500 in 1979 and 1983.


A Few More Facts

  • The Atlanta Falcons never had back-to-back winning seasons until Mike Smith became their head coach. Since they hired Smith, the Falcons have completed five straight winning seasons.
  • The last time the Denver Broncos had back-to-back losing seasons was 1971-1972. It’s the longest a team has ever gone without posting back-to-back losing seasons.
  • The Miami Dolphins are the only expansion franchise since 1966, to have had winning seasons in more than 50% of their years.


Franchise records retrieved from Pro-Football-Reference.com.


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